Enable "previous version" with WIN 10 on a specific directory on drive C

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Hello administrator's, IT-manager and administrator-forum users,

My agenda is to enable good old "shadow copy" on a specific directory or files on my c: drive.
I want to generate "previous versions" every 30min from a specific directory.
Yes, I know that it is now called "File History", so the system is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and i know there exist such things like robocopy or rsync.
But shouldnt Windows 10 handle that by itself in a easy way too?

What I tried so far:
start -> control panel -> File History
There i wanted to select the drive c: but it wouldnt let me. All drives i could choose where the other hard drives, hence the drive where the system installation is located cant be selected.
All i can do is to set up a regular "bakup", but i guess this would backup my whole c: drive or wouldnt suit my agenda at all.
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I am thankfull for every hint you might have.
Maybe I am just a little step away from the right answere :) face-smile


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26.11.2015 um 15:58 Uhr
In Windows 10 you need either an external drive or a share for using the file History.
You can also create a VHD on a second hard drive, mount it to your pc and go to control panel > file history to enable the service.
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But shouldnt Windows 10 handle that by itself in a easy way too?
FileHistory and Shadow-Copies are merged together in this dialog. So if you enable Shadow-Copies or FileHistory or both the all appear there.

You can configure the normal shadow copies without problems if you press WIN + BREAK and then in the left part choose the appropriate Option.
Then in the Dialog you can confgure on which drives Shadow-Copies should be enabled.

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The interval can be changed in the task scheduler in the following folder...