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Grounding my server rack


I will soon get a server rack, namely the 25U Open Frame Rack from StarTech (https://www.startech.com/de-de/server-management/4postrack25u). This will house my UPS (https://powerwalker.com/product/10121101/), a pfSense firewall, 2 switches and 2 servers (2U ESXi and 4U TrueNAS).

Now my question is about the correct grounding of the rack, as I have seen that the StarTech has a ground connection at the bottom of the frame.
Would it be correct to install a grounding rail (e.g. https://geizhals.de/digitus-professional-potentialEQ-rails-dn-19-earth-l ..) in the rack and then connect it to the ground connection on the rack frame? Is this enough to "ground" (?) the rack at this one point, or does this have to be done at several points?

Do I then also have to connect and ground all servers and switches by connecting it to the rail? I see that some products have a dedicated connector for this, but some don't. How necessary would that be when all equipment is connected to the UPS anyway?

I hope you can help me here. I'm familiar with the software and security side of Homelab, but I don't really understand the hardware and electrical side yet.

German Translation:

Potentialausgleich im Serverrack

Ich werde mir demnächst ein Serverrack holen, und zwar das 25HE Open Frame Rack von StarTech (https://www.startech.com/de-de/server-management/4postrack25u). In das Rack kommen dann meine USV (https://powerwalker.com/product/10121101/), eine pfSense Firewall, 2 Switches und 2 Server (2U ESXi und 4U TrueNAS).

Meine Frage bezieht sich nun auf die korrekte Erdung im Rack, da ich gesehen habe, dass das StarTech unten am Rahmen eine Verbindung zum Erden hat.
Wäre es korrekt, eine Potentialausgleichsschiene (z.B. https://geizhals.de/digitus-professional-potentialausgleichsschienen-dn- ..) im Rack zu verbauen und diese dann mit dem Erdungsanschluss am Rackrahmen zu verbinden? Reicht es, nur an diesem einen Punkt das Rack zu "erden" (?) oder muss dies an mehreren Punkten geschehen?

Muss ich dann auch alles an Servern und Switches an die Schiene anschließen und erden? Ich sehe, dass manche Produkte einen vorgesehenen Anschluss dafür haben, manche aber nicht. Wie notwendig wäre das, wenn alle Geräte sowieso an die USV angeschlossen sind?

Ich hoffe ihr könnt mir hier weiterhelfen. Ich kenne mich zwar mit der Software und Security Seite vom Homelab aus, blicke aber an der Hardware- und Elektrikseite noch nicht wirklich durch.

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Member: radiogugu
radiogugu Apr 28, 2023 at 09:01:58 (UTC)
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It would be advisable/preferable to have an electrician to take a look at the situation.

You could try to do this with Youtube videos to guide you but this is not recommended at all.

Seek the assistance of a certified electrician and you are good to go.

Member: MysticFoxDE
Solution MysticFoxDE Apr 30, 2023 at 05:13:04 (UTC)
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Hi @Unshipped9220,

Would it be correct to install an equipotential bonding rail (e.g. https://geizhals.de/digitus-professional-potentialausgleichsschienen-dn- ..) in the rack and then connect this to the ground connection on the rack frame? Is it sufficient to "ground" the rack only at this one point (?) or must this be done at several points?

If you then connect this grounding bar with a separate cable (min. 10²) to the nearest equipotential bonding bar, then yes.

Do I then have to connect and ground everything on servers and switches to the rail? I see that some products have a designated connection for this, but some do not.

If the equipment has a separate ground connection, then you should definitely connect it to the ground rail in the cabinet.

How necessary would that be if all devices are connected to the UPS anyway?

You do not have to ground all devices, as they are already "grounded" via the power cable (PE conductor).

Best regards from BaWü