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DST Root CA X3 Expiration (September 2021)
DaniVor 2 TagenInformationSicherheit

On September 30 2021, there will be a small change in how older browsers and devices trust Let’s Encrypt certificates. If you run a typical ...

Off Topic
Belwue stellt alle Dienste für Schulen ein
DaniVor 14 TagenInformationOff Topic13 Kommentare

Sehr geehrte Schulleiterin, sehr geehrter Schulleiter, sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, wir möchten Sie mit dieser E-Mail über anstehende Veränderungen im Bereich der von BelWü ...

Public Key auf HP Comware Switches
gelöst DaniVor 70 TagenFrageNetzwerke6 Kommentare

Guten Abend all, es geht um HPE Comware Switch der 5xxx Serie. Aktuell wird auf den Geräten die neuste Firmware und Hotfixes eingesetzt. Aktuell erfolgt ...

Exchange Server
Why Exchange Server updates matter
DaniVor 19 TagenInformationExchange Server

It is very important to keep updating your Exchange Servers to a supported Cumulative Update (CU). Simply put, your on-premises environments should always be ready ...

Outlook & Mail
Native external sender callouts on email in Outlook
DaniVor 43 TagenInformationOutlook & Mail

We know that some of our customers leverage Exchange transport rules to prepend subject line or insert the message body to show the email is ...

Why Hyper-V Live Migrations Fail with 0x8009030E
DaniVor 48 TagenInformationHyper-V1 Kommentar

Hi everyone, my name is Tobias Kathein and I’m a Senior Engineer in Microsoft’s Customer Success Unit. Together with my colleagues Victor Zeilinger, Serge Gourraud ...

Exchange Server
March 2021 Quarterly Exchange Updates
DaniVor 59 TagenInformationExchange Server8 Kommentare

Today we are announcing the availability of quarterly servicing cumulative updates (CUs) for Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2019. These CUs include fixes for ...

Squid 2.x als Reverse Proxy für Exchange 2010
DaniVor 8 JahrenAnleitungFirewall14 Kommentare

Wir setzen bei uns produktiv für diesen Service in Zukunft Debian 6.0.6, 64Bit ein. Meiner Ansicht nach ist Debian für Server einfach stabil, auch wenn ...

Windows Server
Windows Admin Center version 2103 is now generally available
DaniVor 74 TagenInformationWindows Server1 Kommentar

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of Windows Admin Center version 2103! A big THANK YOU to the Windows Admin Center community, ...

Cisco Catalyst - Port Security
DaniVor 79 TagenFrageNetzwerkmanagement3 Kommentare

Guten Abend all, es geht dieses Mal um Cisco Catalyst Switches der 95xx Serie. Standardmäßig wird auf allen Ports das Feature Port Security eingesetzt. Die ...

Spamhaus DNSBL return codes - Technical update
DaniVor 78 TagenInformationE-Mail

Spamhaus' primary data sets are published in DNS zones known as DNSBLs. Users of that data ask the zone a question (a "query") and the ...

Upcoming changes to mailbox receiving limits: Hot Recipients Throttling
DaniVor 82 TagenInformationMicrosoft1 Kommentar

To ensure optimal mail flow performance for all customers and protect the health of Exchange services, Microsoft is updating the way in which we enforce ...

Managing deployment of RBCD-Protected User (CVE-2020-16996)
DaniVor 96 TagenInformationMicrosoft

Summary If you use Protected Users and Resource-Based Constrained Delegation (RBCD), a security vulnerability may exist on Active Directory domain controllers. To learn more about ...

Exchange Server
Basic Authentication and Exchange Online - February 2021
DaniVor 99 TagenInformationExchange Server

We previously announced we would begin to disable Basic Auth for five Exchange Online protocols in the second half of 2021. Due to the pandemic ...

The Bastion powered by OVH
DaniVor 173 TagenInformationSicherheits-Tools4 Kommentare

Bastions are a cluster of machines used as the unique entry point by operational teams (such as sysadmins, developers, database admins, ) to securely connect ...

Windows Defender SmartScreen - File and Flash Player blockage problem
DaniVor 119 TagenInformationMicrosoft

SmartScreen has become a part of Windows 10 OS, it was named as Windows Defender SmartScreen. It is useful to protect not just Edge, Internet ...

Exchange Server
Understanding email scenarios if TLS versions cannot be agreed on with Exchange Online
DaniVor 119 TagenInformationExchange Server

By now you are hopefully aware of the TLS 1.0/1.1 deprecation efforts that are underway across the industry and Microsoft 365 in particular. Head out ...

Enhanced Security Admin Environment Retirement
DaniVor 131 TagenInformationMicrosoft7 Kommentare

The Enhanced Security Admin Environment (ESAE) architecture (often referred to as red forest, admin forest, or hardened forest) is a legacy on-premises approach to providing ...

Windows Userverwaltung
The Mysterious Case of the Self-Moving FSMO Roles
DaniVor 143 TagenInformationWindows Userverwaltung

Hello all! This is Chris Cartwright from Directory Services. I had a coworker, Eric Jansen, reach out to me from the field and ask about ...

MSIX - Using the Bulk Conversion Scripts
DaniVor 172 TagenInformationHyper-V3 Kommentare

Hello everyone, this is Ingmar Oosterhoff, a Modern Workplace Customer Engineer at Microsoft. In an earlier series of posts we set up our environment to ...

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