Release notes

Release: 6.0 - Version: 20230124-02
Version: 20230124-02
  • Detailpage: Add and share Button
  • Added the social media services Reddit, Linkedin and to the profile. The settings for the profile were changed and supplemented accordingly
Version: 20230120-04
  • Fix language error in series list on detailpage.
  • Fix statistic db update when the comment was updated.
Version: 20230118-05
  • Internal: Changes in the internal database call.
  • Edit: Some text corrections when creating a post.
Version: 20230111-05
  • If no profile picture is set yet, you will be automatically redirected to the settings after logging in. A statement appears that you need a profile picture to post. We have improved this process a little and corrected some texts.
  • If you add a job offer, a hint will now appear on the right how to post correctly.
  • The table of contents (toc) within a post is now translated correctly, depending on the language of post.
Version: 20230110-04
  • Revised the topics overview a bit and added filters for the main topics. The URL changes from /tags/ to /topics/.
  • The sideinfo 'Main topics' with the number of post expanded.
  • Rearranged the overview with the topic posts in each case. The search box has been moved to the top, the filters and sorting are now below it.
  • Internal: Theme editor extended.
  • When adding posts, the focus is displayed before the topic. This makes it easier to identify the topic.
Version: 20230107-03
  • 'Tags' again globally renamed to 'Topics'. 'Topics' fits better to us. Hashtags within the texts are still possible (incl. existing tags).
  • Fix Tags links in Topic Trends
Version: 20230105-03
  • Test intern a new Feed-Feature. Not public now.
  • The tag focus overviews now also display content that has only been added to a subtag. This makes the tag focus complete again. Example: A post has the #admFeedback tag added, but not the #offtopic tag. Then the post will be displayed under #offtapic anyway, because it is a tag focus with all tags below it. This behavior only applies to the tag focus.
Version: 20221222-07
  • If a hashtag is used in a text that our tag system recognizes, it will now be linked to the respective tag overview. Hashtags that are not recognized will still be displayed without linking. This applies to all entries (posts, comments, internal messages).
  • The tag overviews now display the respective tag theme image, if available.
  • The tags in the tag overview are now displayed with the respective tag name (and no longer the title).
Version: 20221221-02
  • Some internal updates in the tag editor.
  • The 'Trashcan' section reported an AQL error. The error is now fixed.
Version: 20221216-04
  • When editing the tags in a post, the order of the added tags was not always respected. The bug is fixed now. The procedure has been changed a bit: So first the selected tags appear in the pulldown list and then the available tags. There is currently no other way to realize this.
Version: 20221215-01
  • For the German version of our site I have now set the multilingual variant as default. I hope that more international contributions will be answered by the German community.
Version: 20221214-05
  • Edit: If you add a post, a short description is also displayed in the tags.
  • The menu item 'Showcase' has been added as a submenu (click on the three dots) in the head of the page.
  • Wenn verfügbar, werden die Artikel- oder Tagbilder auf der Startseite als webp-Grafik angezeigt. Wenn nicht wird die bisherige jpeg-Grafik angezeigt.
Version: 20221202-04
  • Jobs: The job overview now has a fixed header and has been revised.
  • Jobs: The job filters have been revised and are now selectable by pulldown.
  • Jobs: The output speed of the job list has been accelerated.
  • Jobs: We have started translating the jobs section into English. The jobs will soon be available on the interational site as well.
Version: 20221125-17
  • The internal tag editor now saves the tag images in webp format in addition to jpg format. Let's try the webp format. The resolution was changed to the 16:9 format. The quality of the jpeg images has been set from 80% to 90%, so that even the small tag images look reasonably good.
  • Some corrections in the article images: When selecting the image area, you can now zoom with the mouse wheel or touchpannel. The article images now have internally different resolutions in pure 16:9 format. Also we store additionally a webP version of all article images. Previous article images still work.
  • In some comment overviews (in the description text) the CSS word-breaking was still missing, so that long words can break in case of emergency.
  • Some corrections in the language settings in the meta tags.
  • Fix some svg icon width and height.
  • Fix some post redirect errors (/contentid/, etc.)
  • Fix some css for responsive design in safari.
Version: 20221123-05
  • In the dashboard, users can now search for their own posts, comments or job offers. The set filters remain active (language, sorting, type). This way, users can find their own content again very quickly and easily.
Version: 20221122-04
  • Users can now block other users. To do this, simply go to the corresponding profile and select 'More' -> 'Block this User'. This is exactly how you can unblock them again.
  • Blocking refers to replying to posts or comments and writing messages. However, the blocked user can still read all posts. Without a registration requirement, this cannot be realized in any other way.
  • Under 'Settings' there is now an item 'Blocking' where you can see a list of all blocked users.
  • If you visit a profile that blocks you while you are logged in, a message appears.
Version: 20221121-01
  • For closed posts, the quote and comment buttons are hidden in the comments.
Version: 20221119-12
  • The 'Administrator' (LOGO) font in the main menu above (blue) now adopts the respective system font. We give up our own scrhiftart in favor of load time and performance. It also renders nicer than our own font from 2000 :-)
  • In the main menu at the top (blue) added a new item for the selection of the language (DE|EN). We wanted to take an icon at the beginning, but the DE/EN fits better and is clearer. Let's see how it is liked and accepted.
  • The site now supports English and German as interface. In the data you can choose whether you see only the respective language or all posts in all languages.
  • The domain is redirected to again. The language is now automatically detected by the browser and is no longer dependent on the domain. There is now only one domain for both languages (the .de domain). Advantage: You don't need to jump back and forth anymore and there is also only one login.
  • When adding a comment in a different language than the post itself, a note will be displayed indicating the language. Let's see if this is enough.
  • For all overviews, an indication of the language is displayed if it does not match the current language setting.
  • The main menu better adapted to small screen resolutions (test under: iPhone 5, SE or the new window manager from iPad, Apple or Windows 11). The spacing and font sizes have been adjusted.
  • In the stream, the info about type, comments and language was simplified.
Version: 20221111-04
  • Internal: Test alternative pageview counter (content and profile). Counting the pageviews is very write-intensive for a database, especially with many users. We have therefore moved the counter to the ram memory, which then syncronizes with the DB. There is a delay of about 40-60 seconds in the accuracy of the individual pageviews. I think we can all live with that.
  • Fixed URL error in /stream/ overview when selecting other options.
Version: 20221109-05
  • Dashboard: In the posts overview you can now sort by the last comment.
  • Dashboard: DB index optimized, all lists are displayed much faster.
  • Detail: The formatting error in the source code view without login has been fixed.
  • Edit: Simplified the hashtag selection and fixed the sorting bug. Deleting all tags too quickly using the Delete button is no longer possible.
  • Internal: The new tag editor is ready and we can create new tags again.
Version: 20221030-06
  • Intern: Typesense Test
  • Intern: language-lib and translate-lib were separated.
Version: 20221012-05
  • Internal: Update cache system.
  • Internal: Namespace for the login changed. Unfortunately, this means that all users are logged out once. Sorry, this event is unique ;-)
  • Internal: Namespace for cache, language cache and online user changed.
Version: 20221006-01
  • Internal Arangodb: Update profile counter query.
Version: 20221004-05
  • Internal: A first version of the new tag editor is online for the editors.
Version: 20220930-02
  • We are taking the 'Report' type of post out of the Knowledge section and putting it under General Posts from now on. Since reports tend to be more personal opinions, it is better to discuss them in general.
Version: 20220929-05
  • Fixed an error when searching with invalid UTF characters.
  • Posts that are still in draft now report a 404 status when the URL is called (if they were once online, google knows the url). So they are taken out of the search result.
  • Adjusted the pagination in the job overview.
Version: 20220928-03
  • The tag overview has been completely redesigned.
  • Edit post: You can now add multiple tags to a post (max. 5).
  • All overviews have been adapted to the new tags.
  • Tags overview: Tags that have not contained a post for a long time now automatically move to an archive. However, all posts remain on the page. The archived tags can be selected and displayed in the tag overview via pulldown.
Version: 20220927-01
  • Internal: Various ArangoDB databases settings adjusted to available memory.
Version: 20220920-01
  • When adding a post, there is now a note: 'How to post properly'. It is not displayed when editing.
Version: 20220916-01
  • Details page: We have moved the author's position to the top. My wife thought it would be better that way ;-)