Release notes

Release: 5.9 - Version: 20220103-01
Version: 20220103-01
  • Fix: English content notifications are now correctly marked as read.
Version: 202111229-04
  • Diverse Javascript-Updates
  • Fix: Browser information was read incorrectly.
  • Fix: Error message when editing a comment if there are too many changes and answers already exist.
  • Fix: Error message wenn editing a comment and you do not have permission to edit this comment.
Version: 202111223-02
  • Completely translated the 'Watchlist' area into English. Info: We will completely rework the 'Watchlist' in 2022. It will get a search and a better overview.
  • The newsletter is now bilingual
Version: 202111222-04
  • Completely translated the 'Setting->Account' area into English.
  • Completely translated the 'Setting->Mail & Newsletter' area into English.
  • Completely translated the 'Setting' area and mails into English.
  • remove the translation hint on english homepage :-)
  • The notification e-mail translated into English. Users who registered via the English page will now receive English notifications.
  • When you verify your email address in the settings, the Last Check date is now also updated.
Version: 202111221-05
  • For the internal links with 'content:' the language is now also taken into account.
  • Completely translated the 'Announce Member' area into English.
  • Completely translated the 'Setting->Login behavior' area into English.
Version: 202111220-05
  • Completely translated the 'Connection' area into English
  • Completely translated the 'Profile' area into English
  • In the profile, fix sort bug for A-Z and Z-A
  • In the profile, deleted the sorting by activities for posts and comments. It was not used.
Version: 202111217-03
  • Added profile pictures replacement for the 'Divers' group (if no profile picture is specified).
  • MESSAGES: Fixed a few bugs.
  • MESSAGES: Completely translated into english.
  • FAQ: Completely translated the 'Members' area into English and corrected all links to the settings.
Version: 20211216-02
  • BUGFIX: Duplicate tags are no longer displayed under Showcase posts. Also, the comment counter is hidden (since a showcase post has no comments).
  • QUOTE: Code blocks are now displayed correctly in quotes or quoted correctly (when you click on the quote icon).
  • QUOTE: If you copy a text with quotation marks, these are now also correctly transferred or added.
  • QUOTE: The original words that are filtered are now no longer displayed within the quote.
  • EDIT: The filter for certain words (legally necessary, unfortunately) now works for comments and for the post itself. During the migration to the new framework, this function was somehow lost in the post.
  • EDIT: Some posts still have a kind of 'subtitle' from before. This was previously displayed, but could no longer be edited. This now works with this version.
Version: 20211210-02
  • BUGFIX: Under Safari the upload of the profile and background image did not work. The error has been fixed now.
Version: 20211209-08
  • PARSER: The code parser has been completely rewritten. It now recognizes the code blocks faster and cleaner.
  • PARSER: The code type 'plain' <code type=plain> will now be rendered to avoid scrolling the content, i.e. the content will be fit to the code box. Without the type='plain' the source code is kept with all spacing as it was added (including scrolling if the content is longer than our width). So with 'plain' mun can now very well display things in code format that are not necessarily source code (manuals, text snippets, letters, mails. etc.)
  • PARSER: Added an anchor to the formatting for internal links. This turns:: [content:660620#1521607] into an internal link with the anchor to the respective comment.
  • BUGFIX: The 'remember' feature in the login works again.
Version: 20211207-06
  • Edit: When editing a post, the order of the fields is better respected (tab to jump to the next field).
  • Edit: Saving a post is now done by an api. This makes it easier to detect errors. Also some messages and the javascript for it were adapted.
  • Edit: Clicking 'Cancel' on a new post that has not yet been saved now redirects to the dashboard, not the home page.
  • Jobs: In the dashboard you can now also see the job offers that are in draft status. From there, you can also edit them directly.
  • Settings: The profile comment can now be max 300 characters long (before 200). URLs are automatically filtered out of the comment.
  • Details page: The icons at the top right of the post (number of comments, rating, view) once rotated with the numbers, so they are now displayed exactly as the icons under the respective post.
  • All: Fixed all 'anchor' so that all jump points (links with #) are now more accurate.
  • The 'login problem' with 'remember' should be fixed now.
  • An 'info box' about the status of the profile setting is now displayed on the homepage, in the settings and in the posts. If e.g. the profile picture or the profile background is missing, the user will be notified.
  • The settings have been completely revised and rebuilt. Some settings have been merged. All settings got a new URL: '/settings/'. Because we really programmed every setting new, there can be small errors. Please let us know by PM if you found something.
  • The migration to the new framework is now completely finished. With this we have completely renewed the programming once in the last 2 years. Since we have cut off many old pigtails especially in the last part of the migration, there may be some minor bugs. Please let us know via PM if you discovered something.
  • Settings: The function to add a profile picture has been completely rewritten (incl. cropping, zooming in or out).
  • Settings: The function to add a profile background has been completely rewritten (including cropping, zooming in or out).
  • The links on the profile page to the settings have been simplified (the individual submenus have been removed, now you get directly to the profile setting).
  • The settings have been further translated into English (now 75%).
  • Profile: The username and the profile comment have been rearranged (centered).
  • Profile: If you have added your real or artist name (optional) in the settings, it will be displayed in the profile.
  • Now that the old framework has been completely removed and no longer needs a compatibility layer, the site should be generally faster.
  • Parser: If a username with @xxx is not found, the @xxx is now displayed anyway, only without the user link. Previously, the @xxx was completely deleted from the text.
Version: 20211118-03
  • The new Connections overview adapted to the mobile view.
Version: 20211117-02
  • The overview: 'Connections' (formerly 'Network') completely revised and moved to the URL /connections/. Here you can better manage your connections incl. different sorts and filters.
  • In the general profiles, 'Connections' and 'Followers' lists are no longer displayed. The overviews have been removed. Only the own 'profile' still links to the own 'connections' (to the new overview /connections/). We think that this data does not need to be public. The 'Connect' feature with users is of course still possible and desired, but you now only see your own connections in a new overview. The lists of 'followers' are from now on neither public nor visible for the logged in user. Only the follower counter remains publicly visible, so that you have an indicator of how many users are following you.
  • Profile: The 'Connect' or 'Disconnect' now works in real time without a 'Reload'.
  • There is now no notification sent to the user when another user connects to their profile. You can still see the number of connections that follow you in your profile (statistics on the right side). The own 'followers' are from now on anonymous.
  • Updated the 'Connect' overview in the user main menu to the new /connections/ overview.
  • BUGFIX: The statistics counters in the profile now work again.
  • Internal: Connection library and network library migrated to the new framework and combined. All old urls and overviews removed or forwarded accordingly.
Version: 20211116-02
  • BUGFIX: Fixed error when adding to watch list.
  • BUGFIX: Correct counters in Dashboard.
Version: 20211115-04
  • All individual user libraries combined into one large library. This is a preparation for the migration of the user database. Unfortunately this will cause temporary performance problems. But this will change after the migration.
  • Many old libraries deleted or summarized (around 50 libraries). There may be errors that the testing has overlooked.
  • Watch list revised.
  • BUGFIX: Fix some error in user library.
Version: 20211110-04
  • The /stream/ (Activities) works again. It is now differentiated per language. You can find it at the top of the main menu under More (the three dots) -> 'Activities'
  • The activities overview (stream) migrated to the new framework and translated.
Version: 20211108-01
  • Reduced the global margin to the main menu at the top from 30 to 20 pixels.
  • Under Highscores, reduced the spacing and fonts so the page works well at small resolutions.
Version: 20211105-06
  • Fixed mobile view of notifications.
  • Migrated the 'Internal Messages' (PM) section completely to the new framework.
  • PM: In 'New Message' the recipient selection has been adapted to our standard pulldowns. Now the 'Tab' works again to jump to the next field and the user selection is easier and faster.
  • PM: The Inbox and Outbox overview redesigned. The profile pictures make it easier to see who has sent you a new message.
  • PM: Revised the PM detail page a bit and adapted the pulldown to our standard pulldown.
  • PM: On the PM detail page, reworked the answer preview so that it doesn't update the preview data as often in the background. In the previous version, this was updated with every letter typed, so typing an answer was significantly delayed if there was too much load on the system.
  • PM: The entire Javascript all PM pages revised and adapted to today's standards.
  • PM: In the overview, there is now an item 'Unread messages' in the pulldown at the top, next to the items 'Inbox' and 'Sent messages'.
  • PM Bugfix: You can now send messages to anyone directly from the profile again.
  • Bugfix: Fix an error on share page (wrong url).
  • Bugfix: corrected some internal links.
  • Bugfix: Fix Job overview
Version: 20211026-01
  • Article index for search recreated and optimized.
  • Comment index for search recreated and optimized
Version: 20211022-02
  • Correction in the article image on the detail pages. It is now displayed as an image and not as a background image.
  • Fixed error when activating e-mail.
  • When entering a new password, it is now displayed whether the new password is in the blacklist for bad passwords.
Version: 20211007-06
  • Fix an internal bug in comment editor.
  • Add sample to ITA Special
  • Change global CSS 'line-height' to 22px
Version: 20211005-08
  • internal: cache library renewed
  • internal: settings library renewed. Some settings need to be reset, sorry.
  • internal: change the global prefix
  • Error in logout fixed: You now land on the correct domain depending on the language.
  • Notifications migrated to the new framework.
  • Notifications revised and texts corrected.
  • Notifications completely translated into English.
  • Add 'Windows 11 Special' to homepage
  • Fix Comment and Content caching
Version: 20210928-01
  • Disbanded the very old '/aboutus/' section. It is now redirected to the FAQ overview.
  • Internal: Old scripts cleaned up.
Version: 20210927-11
  • Improved and corrected the recognition of the username using the @ sign in the texts. Email addresses and @ signs that are not users are now displayed correctly.
  • Added special issues to Magazine Overview and Magazine Teaser. Corrected the magazine editor. Update magazine detail page. Add 'Magazine' to main menu (german only).
  • CSS and logic errors in the newsletter corrected. The database was called too often unnecessarily.
Version: 20210916-11
  • All magazine pages were migrated to the new framework.
  • The Magazine database was migrated to ArangodDB.
  • Internal: A magazine editor has been added.
  • On the 'Latest' page, moved the English forum posts to the top (right side).
Version: 20210915-02
  • Register: E-mail addresses with a plus sign in the name are now possible.
  • Update ArangoDB to 3.8.1
  • remove some internal old libraries.
Version: 20210908-02
  • Migrated the 'Mail unsubscribe' function and page to the new framework and translated it completely.
  • Migrated the 'Mail activation' function and page to the new framework and translated it completely.
  • Revised our general error page (e.g. 404) again.
Version: 20210906-01
  • The site 'password forgotten' completely translated into English, redesigned and migrated to the new framework. The page got a new link call.
  • The site 'username forgotten' completely translated into English, redesigned and migrated to the new framework. The page got a new link call.
  • The corresponding mails now have the correct language format.
Version: 20210831-01
  • Revised our registry and migrated it to the new framework. Internal API calls updated for this.
Version: 20210827-05
  • Edit: Added an upload progress indicator to the featured image.
  • Detail: Change openGraph Preview Image if image teaser exists.
  • Bugfix: The creation date of the comments in the profile was wrong. The error is now fixed.