Release notes

Release: 6.0 - Version: 20230519-05
Version: 20230519-05
  • Fix some internal errors in online user lib
Version: 20230516-05
  • Fix: Fixed an error in the content cache system
  • Change: Changing the language of a post will change the language of all comments. So, for logical reasons, we avoid English posts with German comments and vice versa. Comments in the wrong language will need to be corrected either by the user, the moderators, or an automated translation.
  • Change: The user online and user registered count is now managed by CouchbaseDB.
Version: 20230510-04
  • Add: Intern chatroom management.
  • Add: Our text formatting now also works in the chat system.
  • Fix: Fixed small code-praser bugs in quotes and doublequotes for strings.
  • Fix: Fixed small praser bugs in blockquotes.
  • Fix: Fixed small praser bugs in @user.
Version: 20230509-08
  • Add: New room icon in the chat. When clicked, the available rooms of the chat system are displayed.
  • Fix: Fixed small bug in praser for square brackets.
  • Add: We have a new tooltip library completely in javascript. The old jquery version was removed.
  • Add: Tooltips added to the chat input window.
Version: 20230508-02
  • Change: The performance of the internal translation library has been significantly improved.
Version: 20230506-02
  • Fix: The comment and preview button in a post could not be used. The bug is fixed now.
  • Fix: The print edition of the detail page improved.
Version: 20230505-14
  • Internal cache system changed to Couchbase. Is clearer and just as fast.
  • Internal language cache system changed to Couchbase . Is clearer and just as fast.
  • Fix: Under certain conditions the detection of BackslashQuote or the BackslashDoubleQuote did not work during syntax highlighting. The error has been fixed.
Version: 20230504-06
  • Update: Various text corrections when inserting or editing posts
  • Update: Updated the 'How to post correctly' box when editing a post.
  • Fix: Fixed preload error in js and css.
Version: 20230503-08
  • Update: Improvement in string detection for SyntaxHighlighter.
  • Update: Some libraries.
  • Update: internal Form lib
Version: 20230502-10
  • Update: Added SyntaxHighlighting for the following languages/protocols: javascript, css, cmd, xml
  • Update: Set the maximum length of displayed chat messages to 150 (when reloading and receiving new messages). After that, old messages are visibly removed from the page. The 150 is only a test value for now.
Version: 20230429-06
  • Change: Unfortunately the used library for syntax highlighting ate a lot of performance. Therefore I wrote my own performant version for it. It currently supports: php, powershell, bash and html. Later more will follow. Creating it is quite easy, because I built my own engine for it and only have to add the most important values.
  • Change: I have additionally written my own recognition of IT languages. It works quite well and will be improved over time. We can detect the following languages: 'php', 'powershell', 'bash', 'xml', 'css', 'html', 'javascript', 'logfile', 'yaml', 'ini', 'cmd', 'json', 'python', 'accesslog', 'perl', 'dockerfile'. The syntax highlighting for all others later.
Version: 20230425-20
  • Change: Syntax Highlighting colors in code blocks (test). Switch to dark theme.
  • Fix: The Copy button in the code blocks moved depending on the length of the code block. This is now fixed. The Copy button is now fixed in the top right corner.
  • Fix: The Copy button got a new icon instead of text and is now slightly transparent.
  • Fix: Some corrections in the parser (our formatting language).
Version: 20230424-06
  • Feature: Beta 2 of our new chat server. Now with new database. Look to /chat/.
  • Added new syntax highlighting using the 'scrivo/highlight.php' class. This automatically detects the type of the code block and you don't have to specify it anymore. The type 'plain' still exists as before.
  • All code blocks have a new design and a button that copies the respective source code to the clipboard. To do this, you just have to go over the source code with the mouse.
Version: 20230421-09
  • Fix: If the code tags were not complete, the layout of the page was destroyed. This error has been fixed.
  • Change: When saving a post or comment, an error message is now displayed if the code tags are used but they are not complete.
  • Change: If several returns are entered when entering a contribution or comment, these are automatically limited to a maximum of three returns. This serves the clarity.
  • Fix: Some corrections for the quote parser.
  • Fix: Some corrections for the italic parser.
  • Fix: When sending an internal message, the preprocessor for links (automatic generation of an internal link from an administrator URL) was not taken into account. This error has been fixed.
Version: 20230417-02
  • Fix: Stabilization of chat server
Version: 20230415-41
  • Feature: Beta version of our first chat server. Look to /chat/.
Version: 20230407-05
  • Fix: The display of quotes in the parser (our text formatting) has been completely reworked. The headings (heading levels) are now displayed correctly and the [[toc]] is hidden if present. Sometimes quotes could not be edited correctly in certain constellations.
  • Fix: The cache function of the posts has been revised.
  • Fix: The internal notification functions have been revised. There was a problem with notifications of new posts from connections.
  • Fix: Read Counter on detail page.
Version: 20230329-07
  • Fix: In the parser '//italic//' fixed the error that it did not work over several lines.
  • Fix: In the parser '^^small text^^' fixed the error that it did not work over several lines.
  • Change: In order to post a comment, you will now need to post a profile picture. This is to prevent automated spam from newly registered users.
Version: 20230328-01
  • Fix: Editing of a showcase by the user led to the wrong selection of the type of contribution. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Feature: The internal linking for a user has been extended. With [user:userID#statistic] you can go directly to the profile page -> statistics and with [user:userID#comments] you can go directly to the profile page -> comments. You can also leave a comment for the user with [user:userID name or comment etc]. The comment can be a username or anything else. Example: [user:1 Webmaster Frank]. In the output, only the saved username 'Frank' will appear in the title. Usually only the user ID is shown in the user link. The comment can help to identify the user more quickly, even in edit mode.
Version: 20230324-01
  • Fix: Improved detection for our text formatting '//italic//'.
Version: 20230323-02
  • Change: Links on '/faq/ without ID are now redirected to /faqs/.
  • Feature request: On the post details page, the creation date and time will appear as a hover when the time/date is displayed. This applies to both the post and the comments.
Version: 20230322-06
  • Fix: In the parser the htmlentities for code blocks were calculated incorrectly. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Cleanup: Replaced old font code tags (< font class='code' >) with new code tags in posts and comments.
  • Fix: Error on Praser when a link is inside italic and bold. The bug is now fixed
  • Update: Italic text parsing //italic// now works faster and better
  • Update: Small font parsing ^^small font^^ now works faster and better
  • Update: Teletype text parsing {{teletype}} now works faster and better. The presentation has been significantly improved. Teletype can now be used as a replacement for single-line inline code or single-line 'commands'.
Version: 20230314-07
  • Fix: Minor corrections in internal link converter
  • Fix: Within code tags, our urls are now no longer automatically converted to our internal links.
Version: 20230313-06
  • Fix: Minor corrections in internal link converter
  • Fix: Settings error in job search
Version: 20230309-05
  • Fix: Minor corrections in internal link converter
Version: 20230303-04
  • Fix: Sometimes it happened that a post could not be saved due to the title check ('Post already exists' error). This error is now fixed with this release.
  • Feature: If you now enter an URL in posts or comments, it will be automatically converted into the corresponding internal link. This way the links are up to date if e.g. the title of a post changes. In general, we now have a consistent format for all urls. Nobody has to think about the internal link to a post anymore. Just copy the original url from the browser into the content and click save. After that it was automatically converted to our internal link format.
  • Update: Big cleanup in the posts and comments: All old links have been automatically updated to the new internal links (the external links are unaffected). So all internal links in our posts are now the same. Gone are the days where there were different links in the content for Over 500K links have been adjusted. If someone finds a linking error in his post, please report it immediately via internal message to me.
  • Update: In the course of cleaning up the content, old and previously incorrect titles and urls were also corrected. This mainly concerns posts between the years 2000 and 2015.
Version: 20230224-05
  • Intern: Add css color variables
Version: 20230222-06
  • Change: The entire url of the detail page (content and jobs) now checks itself and redirects if it was entered incorrectly. At the end of the day, only the last number in the URL is important, and the text is only there for SEO. To unify this, the text is now also checked.
  • Change: For the SEO we have set the individual page numbers and calls in search or lists etc. to 'nofollow'.
Version: 20230220-05
  • Change: The login page was updated and simplified.
  • Add: The login page better secured against DDoS.
Version: 20230215-10
  • Fix: Some Error Messages on Edit Content.
  • Fix: Error in title check - checks if a title already exists.
  • Change: Increased the change rate when editing tutorials and tips to 40% (previously 20%). This allows larger parts (40%) of a tutorial to be updated even with existing comments.