Release notes

Release: 6.0 - Version: 20231107-02
Version: 20231107-02
  • Fix: New comment IDs have been reduced to even smaller values.
  • Intern: Added Unix Timestamp in addition to the ISO-ATOM dates to the posts and comments. Since we use DragonflyDB internally, it can sort faster with Unix Timestamp fields.
  • Parser Fix: If a table definition in our formatting language had no return or content at the end, it was not displayed. The bug has been fixed. Thanks to @colinardo
Version: 20231013-02
  • Change: The benchmark value of the page (in the footer) is now correctly displayed in milliseconds. Here the format was not correct until now. Now hrtime is used for measuring.
Version: 20231006-2
  • Change: Removed the chat menu from the main menu again. The chat was not used enough to develop it further.
  • Add: SinglesStore DB Library and Tests.
Version: 20230926-14
  • Fix: Some comments or posts could not be reported. This error is now fixed.
  • Fix: The automatically generated comment ID was outside the int() range. This error has now been corrected.
Version: 20230913-2
  • Fix: Editing (e.g. the language) did not work for some posts. The error is now fixed.
  • Update: Some standard libs (php and js) have been updated (fontawesome, swoole, etc).
Version: 20230821-04
  • Change: Remove double 'add' Button on topic pages.
  • Change: If you click on 'Add' within the Tutorials section, it remembers it and adds it to the selection automatically.
  • Change: If you click on 'Add' within a theme, it remembers this and automatically adds the theme to the selection.
  • Fix: When a comment was edited, the update date was entered incorrectly. The error has now been corrected.
Version: 20230818-10
  • Internal: The cache system for posts and comments completely reworked. There are now no differences in the statistics such as comment count and views when you are logged in or not.
  • Change: The 'Add' button is integrated into the main bar. So it is always available, no matter if you scroll.
  • Internal: Deleted comments are now correctly removed from the tree structure.
  • The preview when writing comments did not take all quoted images into account until now. The bug is fixed now.
  • Internal: Lots of cleanup in the detail and comment view.
  • Change: Adjusted the administrator text in the upper right corner. We have added back our original logo. But this time in a better quality.
  • Change: Updated the mobile view for the logo.
  • Fix: After submitting a comment it did not jump to its position. The bug is fixed now.
Version: 20230816-01
  • Fix: Ticker more and back page navigation.
Version: 20230727-02
  • Fix: Subject in internal messages was not safe enough. The error is now fixed.
Version: 20230714-08
  • Change: Chat AI Bob is now a bit more moody and not so stuffy.
  • Change: Chat: When you enter a room for the first time, the notification appears if there are new messages in the room itself and in the others.
Version: 20230704-02
  • Fix: Recognition of variables with quotes in the code parser significantly improved. Fixed several errors with quote or doublequote in combination with a backslash.
  • Add: Added a few new emojies to the emoji library.
Version: 20230703-04
  • Add: Added a post filter to the ticker overview.
  • Change: Under Tutorials the teasers above are limited to 3.
  • Fix: Fixed wrong time entries in the search, if sorts were selected before.
Version: 20230628-12
  • Fix: Moderator Chat url in moderator overview
  • Change: Improve notification so that only the current room is considered read. The notification in other rooms remains if it was not read.
  • Add: Chat AI assi for level >=2. Details will follow later. Type '@ai your_request' in prompt.
  • Add: Chat AI bot 'bob' for level >=2. Details will follow later. Type '@bob your_request' in prompt.
  • Change: Put the main menu 'Themes' back to the first place.
Version: 20230627-13
  • Change: The time (and date) adapted to the respective language. de' uses the Berlin time zone, all others use UTC time.
  • Change: In a reply chat the design of the username and time adjusted (instead of the @ sign). Is clearer.
  • Change: CSS changes in chat.
  • Fix: Url fix in footer language selector.
Version: 20230626-14
  • Add: On the start page you will now find an overview of the chat rooms on the right.
  • Change: The chat urls have changed. In general: /chat/room_key
  • New: A few new emoji in the chat.
  • Change: We have removed the language selection in the main menu again. The demand on the international side is too low to justify the menu. At the bottom of the footer you can still select the language. The different languages and also the automatic detection of the browser are still fully supported.
  • Add: We have added the 'Chat' menu to the main menu. The menu 'Chat' links directly to the chat room 'Welcome'.
Version: 20230623-02
  • Update: In the English version, all English and German content is now displayed by default (as in the German interface). Maybe this works better.
  • Fix: Fixed translation error on the topic page when Multilingual and 'en' is set.
Version: 20230621-13
  • Update Chat: Messages can now be deleted again. A submenu per message has been added for this purpose.
  • Update Chat: You can now reply to messages. A submenu per message has been added for this purpose.
Version: 20230619-09
  • Update chat client: Logic to not lose the Auth token.
  • Update chat client: Add a date line
  • Update chat server: Update core.
Version: 20230616-08
  • Labor: We have integrated a scroll back function in the new beta chat. The standard output is 50 messages. After that it starts scrolling.
Version: 20230614-16
  • Fix: Parser URL error if the URL is in quotes.
  • Change: Replace DB in our new chat system.
  • Add: Chat rooms can now have an individual name in addition to the room key: e.g. Room key: test -> Room Name: 'Sandbox Test Chat'. This name is now also displayed when connecting to the room.
  • Add: A first test implementation of a notification for the chat system. Just enter :new.
Version: 20230609-03
  • Intern: Blacklist: Mail, username and IP revised.
  • Add: When registering, if you want to use a user name that is on our internal blacklist, this is now also displayed. This way you know better what you should not use in the user name.
  • Add: If you log in for the first time or change your email address in the settings and it is blocked by our internal blacklist, you will now see a notice with the blocked email address.
  • Change: We have replaced the RedisDB with the DragonflyDB. The DragonflyDB is significantly faster and stores the data more efficiently. Dragonfly is a drop-in Redis replacement.
  • Change: Several performance improvements in cache, online list, blacklist. All things that were previously done internally by redis.
Version: 20230519-06
  • Fix some internal errors in online user lib
Version: 20230516-05
  • Fix: Fixed an error in the content cache system
  • Change: Changing the language of a post will change the language of all comments. So, for logical reasons, we avoid English posts with German comments and vice versa. Comments in the wrong language will need to be corrected either by the user, the moderators, or an automated translation.
  • Change: The user online and user registered count revised.
Version: 20230510-04
  • Add: Intern chatroom management.
  • Add: Our text formatting now also works in the chat system.
  • Fix: Fixed small code-praser bugs in quotes and doublequotes for strings.
  • Fix: Fixed small praser bugs in blockquotes.
  • Fix: Fixed small praser bugs in @user.
Version: 20230509-08
  • Add: New room icon in the chat. When clicked, the available rooms of the chat system are displayed.
  • Fix: Fixed small bug in praser for square brackets.
  • Add: We have a new tooltip library completely in javascript. The old jquery version was removed.
  • Add: Tooltips added to the chat input window.
Version: 20230508-02
  • Change: The performance of the internal translation library has been significantly improved.
Version: 20230506-02
  • Fix: The comment and preview button in a post could not be used. The bug is fixed now.
  • Fix: The print edition of the detail page improved.
Version: 20230505-14
  • Internal cache system changed to Couchbase. Is clearer and just as fast.
  • Internal language cache system changed to Couchbase . Is clearer and just as fast.
  • Fix: Under certain conditions the detection of BackslashQuote or the BackslashDoubleQuote did not work during syntax highlighting. The error has been fixed.
Version: 20230504-06
  • Update: Various text corrections when inserting or editing posts
  • Update: Updated the 'How to post correctly' box when editing a post.
  • Fix: Fixed preload error in js and css.
Version: 20230503-08
  • Update: Improvement in string detection for SyntaxHighlighter.
  • Update: Some libraries.
  • Update: internal Form lib