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Global Parent for Simple Queue really needed?
Hi admins,
that is my first attempt in EN section, lets how it goes face-smile

ROS v7.5

As I got my mikrotiks around two years ago, the vendor created a basic configuration which includes:

Thanks to a discussion with BRMateus2 about PCQ Queue size and total queue size recommendations for 1G/50M internet I upgraded the simple queue configuration but still not using a global parent as it was confirmed that ROS will handle ensure that bandwidth is equally distributed.


BUT recently I noticed, if a VLAN continuously downloads it consumes all bandwidth although minimum bandwidth is set for User 3.Minimum bandwidth is ignored but why?
image_2022-11-08_09-42-28 (3)

but no overload on of the hardware:
so I double checked the configuration:



So the only "workaround" I figured out, is to use a global entry
and making all previous top level entries a child of that one.
It only works if the target is set to, putting it on the uplink only does not have any affect.

My theory is, that is not known to the algorithm to which route/interface the 20M refer to, means it does not know that all VLAN interfaces eat from the same cake.So if User 6 continuously downloads it always eats free bandwidth if a different user makes a break ending up eating the full bandwidth.How to tell the algorithm that the 20M have to be shared between all top levels queues?

As my vendor uses the same approach as in the code block above for the initial configuration, I'm quite surprised that I need this global parent.
Any clue why?

image_2022-11-08_09-42-28 (2)
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Comment in: In Java, how do you convert a String to an array?

Test: ...
SandeepKamra 3 days ago
Question1 commentSolved
In Java, how do you convert a String to an array?
String myStringArray = "[491174, 414529, 414557]"; I just want this section of output 491174, 414529, and 414557. I tried a variety of approaches to convert strings to arrays and other stuff. I tried something, and I've included the code below.
This is the result:
This is the specific code that I have been working on a project after getting a task metioned here, and I have encountered an issue.
Please assist me if you are able.
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Four Key Features of Blogs
A blog is a great way to write and connect with others. Promoting your business, products, and services is also a great way. However, how do you get your blog noticed and read?

Focus on a niche

Choosing a blog niche is a crucial step in the blog-building process and one of the key features of a blog. A blog niche is a specialized topic that helps you build an audience. A place also makes it easier for search engines to find your blog and enables you to become a thought leader in your field.

A niche can also help you build a more loyal reader base. It would be best if you focused on creating content that is relevant to your audience and helpful. This allows you to build relationships with your readers and increase your chances of converting them into subscribers.

The best way to find a niche is to think about what you are passionate about and what you know. You should also do keyword research to see if the topic is likely popular.

Some people may feel limited by a niche that is too narrow. For example, they may want to blog about Nike shoes, but there is a small audience for that. A broader place may work for them, but you may need something else in the long run.

Build a community around your blog

Whether you're a seasoned blogger or just starting, it's a good idea to build a community around your blog. Not only will it help you stay connected with readers, but it will also help you develop a more substantial blogging career. But, establishing a community can be challenging. So, here are a few ways to start

Creating a blog comment section is a great way to get people talking. Like email lists, the comment section is great for getting feedback and interaction. And it can also help boost SEO

Providing incentives, like giveaways and contests, is a great way to boost engagement. Creating a schedule for your blog will help your readers anticipate what to expect. Also, embedding videos can help drive traffic.

Getting people to read your blog's content is an essential step. The content you provide determines whether they will stay or go. You can create a library of information that will keep them coming back. It would be best to ask readers to subscribe to your blog's updates.

Link to third-party sites

A blog that links to other websites is a great way to get traffic and boost your search engine rankings. In addition, a blog can be a great way to express yourself through words. However, the best blogs are those that are regularly updated. Some people have a blog for their hobby or passion, while others use a blog to promote their business. Whatever the case, blogging is a great way to connect with people with similar interests.

The Internet is all about links. In fact, without ties, the Web would be a jumbled mess. Thankfully, there are tools to help you keep your links in check. You can also use a tool such as BackRub to organize your pages and URLs. This is a great way to increase traffic, bolster your search engine rankings and make your blog a more pleasant place to spend time.

The Internet is also great for learning about new and emerging technologies. For example, many social media networks help you interact with people you know and meet new people. It can also help you tap into an existing community for specialized interests.

Imagery helps ensure that your writing gets read.

Using imagery in your writing is a great way to make your writing more vivid and engaging. It can help you add a lifelike quality to your characters and settings, and it can help you paint a picture in your reader's mind.

Imagery is a literary device involving the use of the five senses. The goal of imagery is to make your reader feel as though they are seeing what you are describing.

There are two significant types of imagery: figurative and descriptive. Representational imagery is used to evoke emotions and is often characterized by exaggeration and comparison. These kinds of imagery are not meant to be taken seriously but can be used to create vivid images.

A writer can use imagery to convey emotions and enhance dialogue. It is also an essential tool for creating the context for your story. This is why writers should learn how to use imagery properly. This will help them improve their writing skills.
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Developer diary: Blocking users
Hello User,

with today's release it is possible to block users.

To do this, simply go to the corresponding profile and select the item 'Block member' on the 'More' button. This is also how you can unblock them.

bildschirm­foto 2022-11-22 um 13.17.58

bildschirm­foto 2022-11-22 um 13.18.21

Blocking refers to replying to posts or comments and writing messages. However, the blocked user can still read all of your posts. Without a login requirement there is no other way to do this.

Under 'Settings' there is a new item 'Blockings' where you can find an overview of all blocked users.

If you are logged in and you visit a profile which blocks you, a hint will appear.

All changes can be found in our Release notes.

I hope you like the changes and look forward to your feedback or a 'Like' (click on the heart) face-smile

Best regards
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Question2 comments
The swap method takes an array and two integer array indices as arguments
The code below is for a rapid sort class. There is a function named swap near the bottom that is intended to accept an array and swap two of the integers in the array. Is this something that Java can do? Is it feasible to have a method in the format swap(T[], int, int) that will function? I think my question is clear.
SandeepKamra 11 days ago
Comment in: Adding many Python files and directories to a single dmg file
Thanks for sharing this, It really helped me!
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Ubuntu: Build Redisearch v2 module for Redis from source code
Here is a tutorial to compile the Redisearch module v2.x for Redis by yourself. At the moment you can get it as binary only as subscriber of the Enterprise Version. With "apt-get" you can only install the Redisearch module v1.x. Version v1.x works fine, but has much less features. Without the subscription you can only build the v2.x version from the source code. The official documentation for the RediSearch module can be found here.

RediSearch is the search engine or more precisely, the search index for the Redis database. It is currently the fastest search index you can install for free.

back-to-topWhy not Docker?

The Redis company recommends a Docker install (redis-stack) for RediSearch and Redis. However, I want the server to run natively on the machine since our production is already virtualized (KVM). A virtualization (Docker) in a virtualization (KVM) works of course, but a lot of performance is lost and the operation is not that comfortable especially in development. The alternative installation method via "Docker" can be found on the RediSearch Quickstart page.

back-to-topPreparation, prerequisites for compiling

  • Tested under Ubuntu 22.04
  • All commands are executed under the Linux bash and as user "frank" and not directly as root! The hostname of the system is: "nexus". If "root" is needed, I use "sudo" for it.
  • The home directory ~/redis is used for the source code and compilation
  • All tools and programs needed for development under Ubuntu 22.04 must be installed before:

back-to-topLoad source code via Git

Tip: The "--recursive" is used to load submodules.

If you want to load a specific release via Git you can control this with the "--branch" option. For example, if we want to load the Redisearch release 2.4.15:

This has the advantage that the correct version number of Redisearch also appears in the Redis log and in "redis-cli". Without the "--branch" specification a 99.99.99 (Git=master-xxx) appears as version.

back-to-topCheck and install dependencies

Here the user password is requested (because internally "sudo" is called)

The result should look like this or similar:

back-to-topBuild and linking

A sequence from 1% to 100% appears with a few "deprecated:" warnings. These can be ignored.
The output should start like this and end like this:

back-to-topInstall Redis server (or does it already exist)?

For the next step Redis must be installed. If you already have the Redis server installed on your system, you can skip this step and go straight to "Test RediSearch Module".

Here is a short command sequence on how to install the Redis server using the official "" packages on Ubuntu 22.04:

After that the Redis-Server and the Redis-Cli is installed and started automatically. You can test the installation with the call "redis-cli ".

The following should appear with a blinking cursor:

With the command "info" you can display all kinds of information about redis:

With "exit" you get out of the Redis-Cli again.

With the "service" commands "start", "restart", "stop" and "status" you can start, restart, stop and read the current status of the Redis server. The log file can be found under "/var/log/redis/redis-server.log".

Redis Start:

Redis Stop:

back-to-topTest RediSearch module

Now, before going any further, you need to stop the Redis server:

With "status" you can read out the current status. Active: inactive (dead)" should appear.

Now test the newly created RediSearch module in the directory "~/redis/RediSearch":


The module was loaded and the Redis server started. In the output there should be the entry: "Module 'search' loaded from /var/lib/redis/modules/". If not an error has occurred somewhere. Then repeat the first steps of the tutorial again.

With "Ctrl "+"c" you stop the Redis server.

back-to-topLoad RediSearch module automatically when starting Redis

The newly created RediSearch module is located after the creation under:

We now create a module directory under "/var/lib/redis/" and copy the newly created library "" into the created directory:

You can check the copy process with:

The module should now appear under "/var/lib/redis/modules/".

Now we adjust the Redis server configuration file (/etc/redis/redis.conf). To do this, we open the file and add to it in the MODULES section:

Tip: If you don't know how to use the "vi", you can replace it with the command "nano". So "sudo nano /etc/redis/redis.conf".

Save the "redis.conf" file.

Tip: You can copy the Redis library "" wherever you want. You just have to change the path under "loadmodule".

Restart Redis server:

With "status" you can test the Redis server and see if everything is running. Status: "Ready to accept connections" should appear.

In the logfile "/var/log/redis/redis-server.log" should appear the entry: "Module 'search' loaded from /var/lib/redis/modules/".

Here is the snippet about it:

back-to-topTest Redis and RediSearch module in operation

The Redis server should now be running, the RediSearch module created, copied and activated. Now we test this at runtime using the "redis-cli":

If this appears, you have done everything right! Congratulations face-smile

If you are interested in Redis and RediSearch 2 you should have a look at the following:

There are also several clients for almost all programming languages (PHP, Ruby, Javascript, Go, etc.):


If an error occurs when starting or stopping the Redis server, you can solve this using the commands:


check exactly. Also the Redis logfile often gives an answer to errors:

I am always happy about feedback or improvements. If you like the tutorial please click on the "heart", as a small thank you face-smile

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Developer diary: New international version
Hello User,

with today's release we are an international site. face-smile

We abandoned the previous concept of two domains and put both languages on one domain. The first try with .de|.pro domain didn't work unfortunately, because you had to switch back and forth all the time to read or reply to the content. The double login was also not optimal. Additionally Google never included the .pro domain in its index and always considered it as a duplicate of the .de domain (despite different language).

So from now on you will find both languages (english and german) under the page. We have added a language setting (pulldown) at the top of the main menu (de|en).

By default the browser language will be detected and the page will be displayed in the detected language.

In addition, we give our users the possibility to select the interface language as well as the data language. I.e. you can choose e.g. German as your interface language, but display the data in multiple languages. So German and English posts at the same time. When adding a comment in a different language than the post itself, a hint to the respective language is now displayed.

For all overviews, a hint about the respective language is displayed if it does not match the current language setting.

All German posts follow the timezone "Berlin", as soon as you switch to English, the UTC time is displayed. This is the next ToDo for us, to integrate the respective time zones of the countries into our system.

I hope this "international" approach works better than the previous one.

Other changes:

  • We have changed the font 'Administrator' at the top of the main menu to match the respective system font of the operating system. This usually looks better and is displayed more clearly than our 20+ year old custom font.
  • The main menu can now handle small screen resolutions better.
  • The stream has had some design tweaks (type, comments, language).
  • The member dashboard is now much faster

As always you can find all changes in our Release notes.

I hope you like the changes and look forward to your feedback or a 'Like' (click on the heart) face-smile

Best regards
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Comment in: Adding many Python files and directories to a single dmg file

Note the files (complete folders are also possible) which should go into the DMG in
Finally build the dmg
SandeepKamra 23 days ago
Question2 commentsSolved
Adding many Python files and directories to a single dmg file
How can I make a single dmg file out of many Python files in different folders? I know that's doable for a single file, but how can I do it for several?
I can make a dmg for a file but not for numerous files in several directories.