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OPNsense and Telekom fiber at home without modem

Hello Administrator community,

After a long time of only reading posts here, it's time for my first real posting. Sorry that I have to do it in English instead of German, but as Dutchy, it's hard to get the German spelling right. I can, however, fully speak and read the German language so it's totally ok to reply in German if you feel more comfortable that way.

Is it possible to have Telekom glasfaser-to-the-home directly into my opnsens/pfsense router? (without using any modem)

And if yes, what equipment would I need? i guess something like:

  • Fiber cable from the wall-mount to the computer (J6-->J6)?
  • SPF connector with J6 anschluss?

Any specific brands or models you can recommend?
any requirements or specifications I need to be aware of when purchasing hardware?

I know these are a lot of questions in 1 post, but this whole fiber thing is new technology for me and I completely feel like a Noob again ace-sad" So any help is much appreciated.

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Solution 3803037559 Sep 15, 2022 updated at 08:51:30 (UTC)
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you need an GPON ONT SFP Module, compatible models for DTAG are listed here
https://www.computerbase.de/forum/threads/eigenes-modem-an-ftth-anschlus ...
But be aware, these SFP Moduls are essentially small computers wich have to be programmed correctly to work with DTAG (installation code/serial need to be entered to identify the endpoint).
Sure, if your device does not have an SFP Slot.

Cable connectors would mostly be single mode SC/APC to LC/APC (depends on location and age of build, you have to check the connector at the HÜP).

Why do you want to do that? Thirdparty ONT SFPs mostly use the same amount of power than the normal ONT from DTAG, and sometimes get very hot. Your pfSense can be connected directly to the ONT from DTAG via Rj45 cable and works out of the box, so there is no need to use an SFP connection.

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3803037559 Sep 23, 2022 updated at 08:54:20 (UTC)
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Please don't forget to mark the thread as solved if you have any questions left. Thanks!
Member: aqui
Solution aqui Sep 28, 2022, updated at Sep 29, 2022 at 18:59:08 (UTC)
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Member: kamaradski
kamaradski Oct 05, 2022 at 16:35:37 (UTC)
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I appreciate your effort in writing this answer. I need another week before I can act on it though, it was Octoberfest here, and in addition also very busy in the office.

I should be able to find and order the parts I need (I will have a look here first: https://shop.allnet.de) and report back once I get it to work in a couple of weeks.
Member: aqui
aqui Oct 06, 2022 updated at 08:42:53 (UTC)
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Depending on you connection (GPON or PON) FS.com has always a big selection of right SFPs too to solve this easily:
There is also a recent article in the German magazine ct' about all these issues.