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Why Exchange Server updates matter

It is very important to keep updating your Exchange Servers to a supported Cumulative Update (CU). Simply put, your on-premises environments should always be ready to take an emergency security update (this applies to Exchange, Windows, and other Microsoft products you use on-premises). One thing we learned during the March 2021 release of Exchange Server security updates is that many of our customers were not ready to install security updates because they were not on supported cumulative update versions. With the threat landscape rapidly evolving, the importance of keeping your environment current should not be underestimated.

Please keep your Exchange Servers up to date. We want to continue helping you keep your environment secure, and this means your Exchange servers need to be up to date. This is a continuous process.

Once your Exchange servers are running a supported CU, ensure that the latest available Security Update (SU) is also installed. This will help address any vulnerabilities found since the release of the supported CU. To find recently released Exchange Server SUs, go to the Security Update Guide (filter on Exchange Server under Product Family). Exchange Server security updates are cumulative (an update released in April will also contain security fixes released in March, for example). We also announce all major updates on our blog.

We have prepared a set of questions and answers that cover what we hear most often about Exchange updates. If you are running into a different set of challenges keeping your environment up to date, please let us know in comments below!

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