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End of availability for classic Teams client

A new Teams client is in the process of rolling out, in stages, for users who are still on classic Teams client. This rollout involves installing the new Teams client for users who still have the classic Teams client, with Microsoft attempting to uninstall the classic Teams client 14 days after the installation of new Teams. This article will discuss the timelines and details of end of support and end of availability for classic Teams client.

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Printed on: June 20, 2024 at 21:06 o'clock

Member: Globetrotter
Globetrotter Apr 28, 2024 at 16:04:07 (UTC)
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Don't forget to deinstall the old Client ;)
Windows makes "ansonsten komische Sachen"..

Greets Globe!
Member: ThePinky777
ThePinky777 Apr 29, 2024 at 14:38:43 (UTC)
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but also it makes "so oder so komische sachen in Teams",
I don't care what you do...

nice effects:
outlook teams plugin installs itself automatically... when teams starts and outlook is closed...
but only if there is not already a faulty invisible installation of it...
beginning from that it becomes strange, especially when you want to uninstall the invisible one and it refuses because the msi file is no longer in the cache.... from then on you've only won...

honestly, if someone next to me would bounce around loudly he is a teams programmer... i would really have to pull myself together like "here woman take the handcuff and chain me up right now!" face-smile face-smile