What words I am not allowed to use in my password

Here is a list of words you are not allowed to use in your password:

"test", "123", "12345", "qwertz", "ztrewq", "012345", "123456", "Password", "password", "Passwort", "passwort",
"adobe123", "princess", "qwerty", "abc123", "123456789", "111111", "000000", "1234567", "iloveyou", "123123",
"admin", "1234567890", "letmein", "photoshop", "monkey", "shadow", "sunshine", "password1", "passwort1", "azerty",
"trustno1", "football", "fussball", "welcome", "1qaz2wsx", "dragon", "master", "login", "user", "qwertyuiop", "solo",
"passw0rd", "starwars", "batman", "superman", "mustang", "access", "master", "joshua", "michael", "696969", "123123",
"000015", "pussy", "696969", "fuckme", "6969", "jordan", "harley", "ranger", "iwantu", "jennifer", "hunter", "2000",
"fuck", "tigger", "thomas", "robert", "love", "buster", "soccer", "hockey", "killer", "game", "george", "sexy", "andrew",
"charlie", "asshole", "fuckyou", "dallas", "jessica", "panties", "pepper", "1111", "auto", "austin", "william",
"daniel", "golfer", "summer", "heather", "hammer", "yankees", "maggie", "biteme", "enter", "ashley", "thunder", "cowboy",
"silver", "richard", "hilfe", "help", "trial", "fucker", "orange", "merlin", "michelle", "corvette", "bigdog",
"cheese", "matthew", "klaus", "121212", "patrick", "martin", "freedom", "ginger", "hitler", "blowjob", "nicole",
"sparky", "yellow", "camaro", "secret", "dick", "falcon", "sex", "taylor", "131313", "bitch", "hello", "scooter",
"please", "porsche", "guitar", "chelsea", "black", "diamond", "nascar", "jackson", "cameron", "654321", "computer",
"amanda", "wizard", "xxxxxxxx", "xxxxxx", "money", "phoenix", "mickey", "bailey", "knight", "iceman", "tigers",
"purple", "andrea", "horny", "dakota", "aaaaaa", "player", "sunshine", "morgan", "boomer", "edward", "charles",
"girls", "booboo", "coffee", "bulldog", "ncc1701", "rabbit", "peanut", "john", "johnny", "terminator", "gandalf",
"spanky", "winter", "brandy", "compaq", "james", "carlos", "tennis", "mike", "brandon", "fender", "anthony",
"blowme", "ferrari", "cookie", "chicken", "maverick", "joseph", "sexsex", "hardcore", "core", "666666",
"driver", "fishing", "fucking", "bigdick", "captain", "eagles", "winner", "house", "haus", "flower", "bond007",
"doctor", "gateway", "gators", "angel", "junior", "thx1138", "porno", "spider", "matrix", "teens", "boston", "zzzzzz",
"horney", "member", "penis", "boobs", "voyager", "topgun", "super", "magic", "internet", "monster", "login", "beer",
"rocket", "prince", "amateur", "benutzer", "testing", "suckit", "lucky", "buddy", "viper", "ladies", "fucked",
"aaaa", "women", "music", "alert", "tester", "skynet","hallo", "hallo123", "hallo1", "schalke04", "arschloch", "schatz", "ficken"

These words are too simple and are among the well-known top lists for passwords. Hackers query such simple lists to find out the password quality in a first simple check. You should not use any of these words in your password (and certainly not without additional numbers, letters or special characters).

The passwords on this page must contain at least 6 characters, numbers, letters and at least one special character. They are also case sensitive. No words from the above list may be used.