How does our points system work?

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In order to increase the quality of our content and to view the careers of our members in stages (levels 1 to 5), we have introduced a points system. Here is an overview of how the points are awarded to a member (all information without guarantee):

For each written question you will receive 0.5 points.

back-to-topInstruction or experience report.
There are 4 points for each instruction or experience report.

back-to-topTip and information
For each tip or piece of information you get 2 points.

For each comment received you will receive 0.25 points.

back-to-topShare link
For each link shared and commented on you get 1 point.

back-to-topWho can rate what?

Each registered member can rate our content and comments once.

If the rating system is abused, the moderators can also award negative points and, if necessary, exclude the member from the forum after repeated warnings. The team of reserves the right to adapt the points system to new circumstances (change the weighting, etc.). We will inform the members of this via a major topic.