What are our different user levels?

We have divided the experience of our members and administrators into 5 different levels:

Level 1 - The newbie
With less than 100 points, he is one of the newcomers to administrator.de. He still has to prove himself here and further expand and consolidate his status. For our administrators with higher levels, it is a matter of honor to help him as much as possible so that he a) reaches the next level and b) can also help other users with his new experiences.

Level 2 - Administrator in training
With more than 100 points, he is one of the up-and-coming administrators. Although he needs help here and there, he can solve all IT problems with a little time and patience. He is learning every day and his goal is to reach the next level. From level 2, the display of advertising and banners on the pages is drastically reduced.

Level 3 - the Junior Administrator
With more than 500 points, he is the future star in our areas. Young and dynamic, he is dedicated to the IT problems of others and will solve them quickly and confidently with his own resources.

Level 4 - the Senior Administrator
With more than 1000 points, he is up to any IT task. He has very good knowledge in various areas and is the first point of contact when it comes to IT problems.

Level 5 - the IT expert
With more than 2000 points, he is the most experienced of our members.
He knows his way around in all areas of IT and can provide help and advice on any IT problem.