Can I rate posts or comments?

To rate a post or comment, you will find a heart icon under the content or the respective comment with which you can up vote the content or comment. You can also undo your own rating at any time by again clicking on the heart icon.
Only logged in members of this website will be able to rate posts.

The following rules apply:

  • You can rate a comment good or bad
  • You can rate a comment poorly - the post remains completely unaffected.
  • You can rate a comment well - The positive rating is also included in the average of the entire post.

This means that negative ratings for comments have no influence on the rating of the post, but only on the comment itself. If a comment is rated negatively more than 10 times, a moderator is automatically notified.

Positive ratings for the post and the comments are combined and have a positive influence on the entire post.

Currently, the rating points are not (yet) included in the member profiles.

Why did we realize it this way?

Quite simple, so that "unhelpful comments" don't pull the post down, but "helpful comments" can clearly enhance the post (no matter how bad the post is). The main purpose for negative ratings is to identify spammers and trolls by ou moderators and ban them from our site. It's generally not about stealing points from someone or making them look bad.

However, it should be clear to every user that a rating is purely a personal opinion. A real rating value can only arise when many members rate the respective post or comment at the same time. Only then do you have a real "average value". With "only" two to three ratings within a post, the significance of this rating is still quite limited.

So join in and rate our content!