Which emojis are recognized by our system?

Emojis can also be used in this forum.
In addition to the emojis from the Unicode system, the following ASCII emojis are translated as shown below.

back-to-topWell-known emojis / Well-known SMIDs

face-smile SMIDgenerally known as ... Code
face-smile Smiley smiling face, expression of joy :-)
face-cool face-cool i am cool 8-|
face-devilish face-devilish devil >:-)
face-plain face-plain i will not say anything this time :-|
face-wink face-wink wink / naughty grin ;-)
face-monkey face-grin grin cat :-(|)
face-kiss face-kiss kiss :-*
face-sad face-sad sad :-(
face-confused face-confused ich bin verwirrt :-/
face-confused face-angry i am angry :-s
face-crying face-crying shedding a tear :’(
face-big-smile face-laugh LOL, laughing out loud :-D
face-surprise face-surprised surprising :-0
grin-squint pacman PacMan (:<
face-bug bug my small bug :-B