Topic - Recovering, changing, cracking passwords

On August 11, 2007, the German legislature passed a new addition to the penal code, paragraphs §202a,b,c and 303a,b. These new paragraphs, which are currently valid, are causing a rethink in IT, as some things that were once taken for granted are unfortunately now illegal. Section 202 in particular is dedicated to the area of "cracking and resetting passwords".

In addition, §202c already imposes harsh penalties on the “preparation of computer crimes, production, procurement and distribution of hacker tools” (imprisonment of up to one year or a fine).

Without malicious intent, we (the members, moderators, etc.) may cause the dissemination of such hacking tools or information on how to exploit such tools, security holes, etc. to crack, spy on, or intercept personal passwords or data .

Since we as a forum are unable to find out whether these tools or information are being used for private self-interest or by "hackers", we must prohibit such posts, tools or instructions. This procedure serves to protect our members and the website.

We can no longer allow contributions on the topic of "recovering, changing, cracking passwords" and, as soon as they become known to us, they will be sent to the trash and deleted.

Instructions or articles on how to legally reset a password using original software (and only original is legal), such as Apple with the MacOSX DVD, or Windows with the "password reset disk", are still permitted on our pages.

Any member who intentionally spreads information about illegal topics, links or tools on our sites will be excluded from our forum upon knowledge.

See legal texts:
§202a, §202b, §202c, §303a, §303b