How to add a post?

Only registered users can add a post!

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There are several ways to add your own post:

1. Out of your profile

Click on your profile picture in the navigation bar and select Dashboard. From the navigation choose "Add post".

Please write a meaningful title so that users know immediately what your concern is. Also specify the appropriate category tags.
The information about your post is essential as it contributes to quick and subject-specific answers and reactions. You can find more information about this at Wich types of posts can be created?

2. In the category

If you are already within an area, you can add the post from there.
To do this, go to the homepage and select the area from the overview (above) that you think is most suitable for the topic (for example: operating systems or networks).
Now select the Create post button from the navigation bar, it will already contain the tag for this category.

3. Directly via the link in the navigation bar

Select the Create post button from the navigation bar and select the post type on the following page.