How can i delete a post?

If a post needs to be deleted for security reasons or legality, you can simply move this post to our "Off Topic => Trash" area. There the post will be checked again by a moderator and then deleted if necessary.

How do you move your post to the trash:

  • To do this, log in, open the post and click “Edit”.
  • In the topic input box select the "Off Topic => Trash" category for the post and confirm this selection with the "Save" button.
  • The post will then be immediately moved to the trash.
  • Posts that are in the trash will no longer be displayed on the homepage.
You can find further information about subsequently moving your post to another area here.

All posts, comments and links that you write, add or edit are automatically licensed under the Creative Commons Public Domain License. Posts, links or comments that have been answered by other members cannot be subsequently deleted. Even after your membership has ended, your content (without a link to your nickname) will remain anonymously visible to our users on the administrator pages and will continue to be included in the relevance and points calculations for individual members.

A created post can only be deleted by the user if no comment has been added yet.

Here's how you can delete your post that hasn't been answered yet:
Select the post and open the 3 dots pull out menu on the top right of the post and select "Delete".

Posts such as expired job offers/requests/news etc. do not need to be deleted. Simply mark this post as “solved”. This signals to users that the post has been completed.