Wich types of posts can be created?

Posts are divided into 5 types:

  • General articles
  • Questions
  • Instructions
  • Information and News
  • IMHO

back-to-topGeneral article
A general contribution for discussing IT topics , provide assistance or even a hint on how to solve a problem.

Do you have a specific IT problem or a question about software or hardware? Questions must be entered in detail and objectively. Always pay attention to upper and lower case letters. Spelling and the German language are very important to us. The more details (operating system, version number, product name, etc.) the question contains, the easier it is for our members to answer. For each question asked, the author receives 0.5 experience points.

An instruction is a procedure that the reader can understand and explains in detail how to carry out something. You can use instructions to solve a problem or a complicated task. A tutorial does not contain any questions, only solutions. The content of a tutorial consists of the actions already taken by the member and must not come from another website or another author. A solution is suggested and explained in detail step by step or using examples. You receive 4 experience points for a tutorial.

back-to-topImportant information or news
An information is a general statement intended to alert our readers of an event. Information on administrator.de should of course have something to do with IT, otherwise it can easily happen that it is deleted by a moderator.

back-to-topOpinion post (IMHO)
This is the perfect place to share your thoughts on IT topics. Don't forget to be objective and factual at all times.

back-to-topIn general, if you want to add content, there are a few guidelines you should follow:

  • Set your post as one of the appropriate post types.
  • A post should have a clearly defined and delimited topic, central question or statement.
  • Please only ask the question or questions about a problem (e.g. a software, hardware component, etc.).
  • Don't go too far off topic.
  • There are different topic areas into which your contribution must be classified so that the “experts” in this area can find and answer your question.
  • Contributions that are partially relevant to the topic and do not belong in the forum or consist of humor and feedback can be found in the Off Topic area.
  • Feedback, criticism and suggestions for improvement should be posted in the administrator.de feedback section.
  • Humor contributions should go to Humor (lol).
  • Advertising, press releases, insults or contributions that do not belong in this forum will be immediately deleted or moved to the trash. The trash contains posts in which the forum rules were not adhered to, examples of inappropriate entries and inadequate questions. Posts that have been moved to the trash can be moved back from the trash to the correct forum areas by a moderator after revision by the post author.

Further information can be found under the link How to add a post?.