How to correctly ask a question

In the world of, the answers given to a question depend on both, the way the question was asked, and the difficulty of finding an answer.

This guideline shows how questions should be formulated to get a satisfying answer :

Every questioner should take note of the following points:

  • choose a meaningful title (not: “URGENTLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!”). The title of your post should immediately make clear what it is about.
  • add a greeting at the beginning (e.g. "Hello" or "Hi", etc.). And a name or nickname under the text is just nice.
  • On the other hand, the phrase “Thanks in advance!” is superfluous. We prefer to get feedback after suggesting a solution. And all readers also want to know whether the answer posted helped.
  • Be polite and formulate your contribution with respect for other users - everyone helps voluntarily, free of charge and as best as they can.
  • Use punctuation marks and upper and lower case letters, if possible grammatically correct sentences.
  • After writing, check the text again for spelling errors.
  • Anything illegal does not belong to a post.
  • A short description with all significant and required information.

Depending on the question, the following information may also be required:

  • Operating system/program version, service pack etc., rough hardware configuration
  • Manufacturer and name of the program
  • Network infrastructure, such as routers/firewalls/switches, etc...
  • The attempted solution strategies that did not lead to success.
  • Possibly error messages from the software and/or in log files, also as screenshots

This should make it easier for our community to actually respond to questions and answer them.