Status options on our website

Visitor (anonymous)

As a visitor of the administrator website, you generally have the opportunity to read content and register as a member. The information required for this will be requested as part of the registration process. After successful registration, as a new member you will have the opportunity to post and edit information about resources you know about the topic on the website. Providing a valid email address is mandatory when registering and will be validated.

Member (registered)

Members also have the opportunity to create their own user profile, which can also be viewed by other visitors of the website. Your own content can be viewed at any time. Members can provide information about the their topic focus and more on the "Profile page". This information can only be viewed to a limited extent by visitors and can be viewed completely by administrator members, provided that the administrator member has given their consent to this content. Consent can be revoked at any time. Each personal information can be set individually. In addition, connections between these profiles may be made to other content within the administrator website. Administrator Technology GmbH will also offer members the opportunity to participate in discussion forums to exchange opinions or to write substantive comments on the various resources stored on the website.

Moderator (registered)

Members have the opportunity to apply to be a moderator. Moderators are appointed by Administrator Technology GmbH at its sole discretion. The moderators are responsible for monitoring the content posted on the administrator website, in particular with regard to whether the content posted fits the administrator's topic focus and is in accordance with applicable law. Each administrator moderator is responsible for their assigned area. Each area, including subareas, are assigned separately. The administrator moderators have several options for managing the content in their area. This also includes the rights to move, edit or completely delete content.

Editor (selected)

Moderators have the opportunity to apply to be an editor. Editors are appointed by Administrator Technology GmbH at its sole discretion. The administrator editors are responsible for the editorial support of all areas and content. In particular, they will highlight and moderate resources available on the Administrator website. When making editorial selections and highlighting resources, the administrator editors should ensure that a representative selection is created from the overall range of topics available on the administrator website and that they do not give one-sided preference to certain content in the long term. The administrator editors have several options for managing the content on the administrator website. This also includes the rights to warn members, delete them, move content, edit content or delete content completely.

Administrator Panel

The administrator committee consists of members of Administrator Technology GmbH. The administrator committee is responsible for the content of the administrator website as well as for the appointment and dismissal of the administrator moderators and the administrator editors. The members of the administrator committee are determined entirely by Administrator Technology GmbH.