How can I delete my account or cancel my membership?

To cancel the administrator membership, log in to the website with your username and password and go to Account under Settings. Please tell us why you want to cancel the membership under "Cancel membership". After confirming with the Cancel Membership button, your right to use the service will expire and your membership will be terminated. After such termination you will not be able to manage or change any information or content stored by you on the Administrator website.

To prevent existing content such as other users' answers and solutions to your content from becoming unreadable, we have placed all Administrator member content under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License and thus it will remain on the Administrator website even after termination.

You have accepted this with the terms of use when registering and using the website. Therefore there is no right for a logged out member to delete his posts or comments. It will be indicated in the respective content and user profile that the user is no longer an active member. No more personal data or information about the logged out member will be displayed. The data protection assured by us remains completely intact.

Because e-mail messages with unsubscriptions to us are not forgery-proof and we also cannot check or verify the sender, we will, also from a legal point of view, not accept and carry out any unsubscription by e-mail.