What is a series?

A series is a summary of several own contributions to a self-defined topic. The name of the series can be freely specified by the user. Series are visible as soon as they contain several contributions.

In the series name letters, numbers but no special characters are allowed. Each series is bound to the respective user, so already used series names can also be used by other users.

Only the respective user can add contributions to a series.

The user can enter a new series name or select an existing one directly when entering a contribution at the end of the form. For existing posts, go to 'Edit' and select the appropriate series fields at the end of the entry.

If you delete both series fields ('Add new series' and 'Select series') then the series assignment will be removed from the respective post.

If you open a post with a series name in the detail view, a selection of all posts that are in the respective series appears on the right side and at the end of the post.