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Windows Admin Center version 2103 is now generally available

Today we are excited to announce the general availability of Windows Admin Center version 2103! A big THANK YOU to the Windows Admin Center community, customers, partners and fans! We have continued to listen to your feedback and, as a result, developed Windows Admin Center into a unique, multi-purpose management tool that just keeps getting better.

We have several new features in this release, including in-app updates for both the Windows Admin Center platform and extensions. We expect this update feature to deliver continuous functionality updates and an improved user experience. Additionally, we’ve made improvements to both accessibility and to core tools like the Events tool, the Virtual Machine tool, and to Azure hybrid center. Our partners have also begun releasing their integrated snap-in experiences for Azure Stack HCI workflows, providing a seamless driver and firmware update mechanism. This ensures that IT Administrators keep their Azure Stack HCI systems up to date.

Here’s a video demoing the new features in Windows Admin Center version 2103.

Download Windows Admin Center v2103 today!

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Zitat von @Dani:

Here’s a video demoing the new features in Windows Admin Center version 2103.

Typischer Microsoft-Moment:

"...will soon be available natively in the Azure Portal" - Jaaa!

"...we currently only provide one-to-one management, so you have to install WAC on each of your VMs." - Neiiiin!

Das war knapp. Ein Tool, das ich seit Jahren fast installieren möchte, weil es fast ein vollwertiges Konfigurationswerkzeug, fast Monitoring und jetzt auch fast Log-Management ist.