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Debian turns 29 - Happy Birthday

Not only Gnome has a birthday today, but also the Linux rock Debian. It turns 29 years old.

On August 16, 1993, Ian Murdock, who died in 2015, started the "Debian Linux Release" in the newsgroup comp.os.linux.development. After Slackware, Debian is the second oldest and most influential distribution. There are more than 400 Linux distributions in total that use Debian as their stable base, including Ubuntu.

The name "Debian" is made up of "Debbie" and "Ian", the first names of Murdock and his girlfriend at the time. All Debian releases carry names of characters from the movie Toy Story. For example, the current Debian 11 is called "Bullseye".

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Printed on: June 19, 2024 at 11:06 o'clock