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Fiber Monitoring System

Optical cable monitoring system, combined with OTDR, optical switch, and upper-level network management software, form a systematic and intelligent system integrating functions of testing, analysis, alarm, positioning, information management, and worksheet. It features high integration density, strong commonality, abundant product form, and flexible upgrading and expansion.
system structure
Fiber In-Service Monitoring
Light sources of different wavelengths will not interfere with each other in the transmission process in optical fiber. Based on this principle, we combine the service light [wavelength 1550] and test light [wavelength 1650] for transmission, so that the quality of optical fiber can be monitored without interruption of service.
fiber in-service
Spare Fiber Monitoring
Spare fiber monitoring is to inject the monitoring signal into the spare fiber and indirectly observe the loss of other fiber in the cable by monitoring the loss of the spare fiber. Since the monitoring signal goes through the spare optical fiber, passive device such as filter is not required, which can effectively reduce the installation process and cost of the system.
spare fiber
Fiber Out-of-Service Monitoring
Optical fiber out-of-service monitoring refers to monitoring the original communication optical fiber in the condition that communication equipment is interrupted. Therefore, passive devices such as filter are not required, which can effectively reduce the installation process and system cost of the system. The disadvantage is that communication equipment needs to be interrupted.
fiber out-of-service
Application: Optical switch + OTDR Monitoring Scheme
Optical power monitoring scheme can monitor the total loss of optical fiber, but it can not reflect the loss performance of optical fiber, nor can it find the fault of optical fiber. While OTDR can monitor the loss performance of the fiber. It can find the failure type and accurately by analyzing the OTDR curve.

Since OTDR costs are relatively high, optical switch is needed to switch to different optical fibers, so as to reduce the cost of the whole system. By controlling the 1xN optical switch, the control unit starts the OTDR to test the optical fiber loss performance in turn. By analyzing the test curve of OTDR, the purpose of optical fiber monitoring is achieved.
optical switch_otdr monitoring scheme
Application: Optical Power Detector + Optical Switch + OTDR Monitoring Scheme
This scheme can effectively solve the problem of poor timeliness for fault report of optical switch + OTDR scheme. The optical power detector monitors the total loss of the optical fiber in real-time. If any abnormality is found, the control unit is informed to start and switch to the abnormal optical fiber and conduct OTDR fiber performance test. The alarm type and will be identified by analyzing OTDR curve. The control unit can also control the OTDR and optical switch for periodic tests and roll call tests. However, this scheme still has the problem of poor timeliness caused by OTDR polling in case of abnormality of multiple monitored fibers.
optical power detector
Application: PON + Optical Switch + OTDR Monitoring Scheme
With the development of FTTX, PON network monitoring and maintenance has been mentioned on the agenda by telecom operators or special network users. Glsun developed high sampling accurate OTDR module for PON monitoring.

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