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Minmax() CSS error inside grids since macOS 12.4 or iOS 15.5


here's a little info, as it also hit our site. Since the update to macOS 12.4 (Safari 15.5) or iOS 15.5 the CSS command minmax() within CSS grids does not work correctly anymore.

If there is a second grid inside a CSS grid and you use minmax() in this one at "grid-template-columns:", it seems that it can't calculate the distances exactly anymore. Then the elements jump back and forth.

We could observe the misbehavior of minmax() so far only within CSS grids, but it may be that it still does not work as expected in other elements.

So far we had always used "minmax(auto, 100%)" for the largest element in the "grid". We can also replace this value with a simple "100%". In some places in the code where we use "minmax(100px, 970px)" for e.g. responsive design, these have been replaced by "min-width:" and "max-width:". There are still some places in the code where we didn't find a replacement, but we don't want the end user to notice them.

If you still notice something, please just leave a PM or a comment here.


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Printed on: June 3, 2023 at 20:06 o'clock