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RouterOS 7.1beta6 - GRE Tunnel does not work with non Mikrotik devices (fix)

Small advice for all users trying to create a simple GRE Tunnel to a non Mikotik device under the current beta version.

If the tunnel does not come up, disable the keepalive setting for the tunnel interface. This is a proprietary Mikrotik implementation which does not work with other common GRE tunnel implementations.


Hope this helps.

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Printed on: June 13, 2024 at 01:06 o'clock

Member: aqui
aqui Jul 21, 2021 updated at 10:57:34 (UTC)
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Thanks for this feedback !
Added this advice to the GRE_Tunnel_Tutorial as well.
Btw. Cisco supports a GRE keepalive too but did NOT recommend to use it, cause of some major protocol drawbacks: ...