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Core Active Directory Internals

Now, there is no possible way to cover every possible detail from every day during the MCM. Consequently, my plan is to cover the concepts and topics that are most important. Before jumping into topics, I want to set the scene for you.

I flew up to Seattle on Super Bowl Sunday back in February 2012 to our Redmond, WA headquarters. When I showed up at 9 AM, I was greeted by a classroom full of students. These students were from various parts of the world that had flown in to take this class. Some of them were from Microsoft including PFE or MCS while some were external. It was immediately evident that these students were seasoned professionals having anywhere from 7-20 years of experience within IT and having had experience with Active Directory since the very beginning. One thing that I did like about being amongst professionals of this level is that there were very few technical pissing matches because everyone knew someone in the classroom was probably much smarter than them.

Secondly, I want to stress the atmosphere of the classroom and materials. When the instructors were presenting the materials, it was pretty much expected they you partially knew what they’re talking about. The slides are pretty minimal on details. This class delivers the goods by: [Filling in on details about AD through presentations] + [Classroom discussion] + [Labs] + [Self-Study] + [Group Study]. This is one of the reasons that the MCM is such a great experience because so much of it involves the class working together as a whole or within smaller groups. By going through the class, you begin to forge good relationships and bonds with people in the class. It’s as much an exercise in professional networking as it is learning.

Also, I cannot stress this point enough. If you take away one thing from this blog, let it be this: This class is not so you memorize every little detail about Active Directory, or what we call “Geek Trivia”. For example, can you recite from memory, the schema attribute value that enables containerized indexing? The exams or labs will never test you on this sort of thing but you will be expected to know what containerized indexing is, where to set it, and then through your own research, you can figure out what value needs to be set.


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