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Native external sender callouts on email in Outlook

We know that some of our customers leverage Exchange transport rules to prepend subject line or insert the message body to show the email is from external senders. This approach has a few limitations which we heard:

  • You can end up with duplicate [External] tags in subject line if external users keep replying to the thread (some of our customers use customized solutions to remove the duplicates).
  • Adding things to subject line breaks Outlook conversation threading, as the subject line is modified, so messages no longer “belong” to the same conversation.
  • Changed subject (or message body) stays as a part of the message during reply or forward, which leads to confusion if the thread becomes internal.
  • There can be localization issues, as transport rules have no knowledge of client language that end-users are using.
  • Those additions might take a lot of space in the subject line, making it hard to preview the subject on smaller devices.

We have heard the feedback on this, and are working on providing a native experience to identify emails from senders outside your organizations (which can help protect against spam & phishing threats). This is achieved by presenting a new tag on emails called “External” (the string is localized based on your client language setting) and exposing related user interface at the top of your message reading view to see and verify the real sender's email address.

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