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Why Hyper-V Live Migrations Fail with 0x8009030E

Hi everyone, my name is Tobias Kathein and I’m a Senior Engineer in Microsoft’s Customer Success Unit. Together with my colleagues Victor Zeilinger, Serge Gourraud and Rodrigo Sanchez from Customer Service & Support we’re going to discuss a real-world scenario in which a customer was unable to live migrate Virtual Machines in his newly set up Hyper-V environment.

In our scenario the customer was trying to initiate a Live Migration for a Virtual Machine from a remote system. This is quite a common scenario, that administrators open the Hyper-V Management console on an administrative Remote Desktop Services server and initiate the Live Migration of a VM between two Hyper-V hosts. The customer got doubts whether this is even opposed to work. Just to rule this one out upfront. Yes, it is opposed to work.

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Member: chgorges
chgorges Mar 28, 2021 at 21:31:37 (UTC)
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Sehr gut, der letzte Fels in der Ransomware-Brandung works as expected face-smile