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Staying on top of Office 365 Updates


One of the main challenges when using Office 365 products and services is to stay aware of announcements, updates and upcoming features. This applies to all responsible roles at Office 365 customers as well as for IT Consultants or Engineers guiding others.

This article, written by two Microsoft Customer Engineers (formerly known as Premier Field Engineers), provides an overview of choices, how to gain information and awareness on upcoming changes in Office 365. Different options, tools and services with their respective audience are compared with each other to help to decide what approach best suits the target audience’s needs.

At the end of this post we cover the official Microsoft 365 Change Guide. You will find background information to get a general understanding what continuous updates ("evergreening") mean, how they work and why you should adjust your service management processes. Read more.


P.S. Similarly, the podcast from the two Microsoft customer engineers at Hairless in the Cloud: Link

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