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Synchronize CentOS servers

How can I run two CentOS servers so that they mirror each other?
Data can be exchanged via SSH.

At least the home directory and, if possible, user and server settings should be kept in sync.

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Printed on: July 19, 2024 at 17:07 o'clock

Member: StefanKittel
StefanKittel Dec 09, 2023 at 14:53:59 (UTC)
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Hello, bevor we come to the "how" we need to define "what".
It is totaly different to sync fines and databased.
And the direction is important.

Is this a master-slave-type (active-passic) or master-master-type (active-active).

For many types you can use rsync.
Maybe to start services if settings have changed.

Maybe to use a hypervisor (e.g. ESXi) to create a HA environment.

Member: AQk5Zd
AQk5Zd Dec 09, 2023 updated at 22:20:06 (UTC)
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Both instances should be equally usable, i.e. master-master and CentOS is installed without virtualization.
No, ESXi is not intended. Would it be easier with a hypervisor? Even if the VM's are on a different hardware?

rsync is a good option, but unfortunately not usable in my case because changes have to be synchronized in both directions.