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The Bastion powered by OVH
DaniVor 63 TagenInformationSicherheits-Tools4 Kommentare

Bastions are a cluster of machines used as the unique entry point by operational teams (such as sysadmins, developers, database admins, ) to securely connect ...

Windows Defender SmartScreen - File and Flash Player blockage problem
DaniVor 9 TagenInformationMicrosoft

SmartScreen has become a part of Windows 10 OS, it was named as Windows Defender SmartScreen. It is useful to protect not just Edge, Internet ...

Exchange Server
Understanding email scenarios if TLS versions cannot be agreed on with Exchange Online
DaniVor 9 TagenInformationExchange Server

By now you are hopefully aware of the TLS 1.0/1.1 deprecation efforts that are underway across the industry and Microsoft 365 in particular. Head out ...

Enhanced Security Admin Environment Retirement
DaniVor 21 TagenInformationMicrosoft7 Kommentare

The Enhanced Security Admin Environment (ESAE) architecture (often referred to as red forest, admin forest, or hardened forest) is a legacy on-premises approach to providing ...

Windows Userverwaltung
The Mysterious Case of the Self-Moving FSMO Roles
DaniVor 33 TagenInformationWindows Userverwaltung

Hello all! This is Chris Cartwright from Directory Services. I had a coworker, Eric Jansen, reach out to me from the field and ask about ...

MSIX - Using the Bulk Conversion Scripts
DaniVor 62 TagenInformationHyper-V3 Kommentare

Hello everyone, this is Ingmar Oosterhoff, a Modern Workplace Customer Engineer at Microsoft. In an earlier series of posts we set up our environment to ...

Outlook & Mail
Deprecation Notice for Outlook REST API v2.0
DaniVor 68 TagenInformationOutlook & Mail

Microsoft Graph is the modern API for the Microsoft 365 platform. We make continuous, significant investments in its security, performance, and features to ensure it ...

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection for Linux
DaniVor 177 TagenInformationMicrosoft

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MD ATP) support for Linux with kernel version 3.10.0-327 or later, including the following Linux flavours : Red Hat Enterprise ...

Windows Server
Memory Leaks in a Process
DaniVor 136 TagenInformationWindows Server

My name is Jeffrey Worline, and I am a Senior Support Escalation Engineer on the Windows Performance Team at Microsoft. This blog addresses troubleshooting leaks ...

Exchange Server
Microsoft Exchange Updates Release - September 2020 Quarterly
DaniVor 132 TagenInformationExchange Server1 Kommentar

Moin, Today we are announcing the availability of quarterly servicing cumulative updates for Exchange Server 2016 and 2019. These updates include fixes for customer reported ...

SMB Compression: Deflate your IO
DaniVor 129 TagenInformationMicrosoft

Hi folks, Ned Pyle guest-posting today about SMB Compression, a long-awaited option coming to Windows, Windows Server, and Azure. As you know, the growth of ...

Manage USB Devices on Windows Hosts
DaniVor 126 TagenInformationMicrosoft1 Kommentar

Raven is a Miniature Schnauzer that doesn’t like small critters in the yard unless they can fly. This gives Raven an insurmountable challenge, since my ...

Exchange Server
Exchange News and Announcements - Microsoft Ignite 2020
DaniVor 125 TagenInformationExchange Server10 Kommentare

Today we are announcing that the next versions of Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Skype for Business Server and Project Server will be available in the ...

Windows Server
Core Active Directory Internals
DaniVor 102 TagenInformationWindows Server

Now, there is no possible way to cover every possible detail from every day during the MCM. Consequently, my plan is to cover the concepts ...

Citrix Schwachstellen und Sicherheitslücken - CB-K20-0912
DaniVor 125 TagenInformationSicherheit

Moin, Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) ist eine Lösung zur Anwendungsbereitstellung und Lastverteilung. Citrix Gateway ist eine vom Kunden verwaltete Lösung, die vor Ort oder ...

Citrix end of availability (EOA) of perpetual licenses for the on-prem Workspace products
DaniVor 129 TagenInformationVirtualisierung1 Kommentar

Moin, der nächste Marktführer steigt von Kaufen auf Mietzwang um :-( What did Citrix announce on July 1, 2020? On July 1, 2020, Citrix disclosed ...

Windows Server
Decrypting the Selection of Supported Kerberos Encryption Types
DaniVor 142 TagenInformationWindows Server

In recent months Microsoft support has received a lot of questions regarding disabling RC4 for the encryption of Kerberos tickets. If I had to guess ...

Exchange Server
Exchange Server 2016 and the End of Mainstream Support
DaniVor 167 TagenInformationExchange Server

As hopefully many of you already know Exchange Server 2016 enters the Extended Support phase of its product lifecycle on October 14th 2020. That’s just ...

Exchange Server
Basic Authentication and Exchange Online
DaniVor 180 TagenInformationExchange Server

Today we are pleased to announce some new changes to Modern Authentication controls in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, exposing simpler options for customers to ...

Devices deprecated and unsupported in ESXi 7.0 (77304)
DaniVor 187 TagenInformationVmware5 Kommentare

Moin, this article provides information about deprecated devices in ESXi 7.0 and implications for support. Weiterlesen Gruß, Dani

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