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Citrix PVS Upgrade 6.1 to 7.0 with Reverse Imaging

...little how to do, I hope it's helpfull for someone face-smile

Upgrade PVS6.1 to 7.0

1. Boot the Target from the old vDisk (Private Mode)
a. Meanwhile Create a new vDisk on the PVS (for the new Image)
2. Check the vDisk mode (be sure that it's Read/Write)
3. Add a "physical" HDD to the booted Target (should be the same size)
4. Take the HDD in the Server Manager -> Disk Management - Online, Format and set the Volume as active.
5. Start now the BNImage.exe Tool from C:\Program Files\Citrix\Provisioning Services\BNImage.exe
Source= C:\
Destination={the new HDD}


1. After a successfully building shutdown the device.
2. Change boot order from PXE to HDD, boot the device
3. Uninstall the Target Device Software and reboot the server
4. Install the new Target Device Software
5. Start automatically the Imaging Wizard
6. Enter the PVS server where the new vdisk is located
7. Use only the C: Partition
8. Click Autofit and Next
9. Optimize for PVS click it. And then finish.
10. A reboot is required -> change as fast as possible the boot order from the device to PXE
11. Citrix XenConvert is now imaging the HDD to vdisk!
12. Change after that, the vdisk mode to private and start from vdisk.

Hat bei mir super funktioniert so...
Try out and have fun face-smile


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Printed on: July 24, 2024 at 21:07 o'clock

Member: brammer
brammer Sep 20, 2013 at 08:33:19 (UTC)
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interessant wäre noch eine Erläuterung was hier passiert!
Welchen Sinn hat das Upgrade und wieos sollte man das machen...

Einfach ein bisschen mehr informationen rund herum...

Member: thatsright
thatsright Sep 20, 2013 at 11:23:58 (UTC)
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Hallo bammer!

ich glaube, dass die Benutzer, die eine solche Anleitung suchen, keine großen "was passiert hier" fragen haben - mitunter kennen sie PVS und deren Funktionen...
Ansonsten: ...

Warum sollte man ein solches Upgrade durchführen?
- neue Funktionen
- div. fixes
- ...

Welchen Sinn hat das?
- ...