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Global Parent for Simple Queue really needed?

Hi admins,
that is my first attempt in EN section, lets how it goes face-smile

ROS v7.5

As I got my mikrotiks around two years ago, the vendor created a basic configuration which includes:

Thanks to a discussion with BRMateus2 about PCQ Queue size and total queue size recommendations for 1G/50M internet I upgraded the simple queue configuration but still not using a global parent as it was confirmed that ROS will handle ensure that bandwidth is equally distributed.


BUT recently I noticed, if a VLAN continuously downloads it consumes all bandwidth although minimum bandwidth is set for User 3.Minimum bandwidth is ignored but why?
image_2022-11-08_09-42-28 (3)

but no overload on of the hardware:
so I double checked the configuration:



So the only "workaround" I figured out, is to use a global entry
and making all previous top level entries a child of that one.
It only works if the target is set to, putting it on the uplink only does not have any affect.

My theory is, that is not known to the algorithm to which route/interface the 20M refer to, means it does not know that all VLAN interfaces eat from the same cake.So if User 6 continuously downloads it always eats free bandwidth if a different user makes a break ending up eating the full bandwidth.How to tell the algorithm that the 20M have to be shared between all top levels queues?

As my vendor uses the same approach as in the code block above for the initial configuration, I'm quite surprised that I need this global parent.
Any clue why?

image_2022-11-08_09-42-28 (2)

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