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Mikrotik RouterOS 7.1rc3 adds Docker(TM) support

Normaly a release candidate never adds new features but fixes only bugs. Mikrotik seams to be an exclusion this time. As this new feature can be installed from a separate package this should not be a problem for the main OS.

With Docker™ support, a powerful feature enters the RouterOS world. This makes things possible that you could only dream of in RouterOS beforehand. (mDNS proxy, Asterisk telephone system, feature-rich DNS server, mail server, ...).

The feature comes as said above as a separate package which you can find in the extra packages download for your architecture.

In my first tests it worked quite well. What i am missing personally is the addition of more than one network interface to the containers, which limits for example the operation as an mDNS proxy, but the feature is still new and we can hoefully expect this in a future release. In addition, you should of course be aware that the memory on many Mikrotik routers is very limited and you should preferably use images that are not based on an Ubuntu foundation because the memory is already full in most routers only if you place the image on the router, and at this stage nothing has been extracted. Images on for ex. Alpine Linux or other economical distributions should be selected preferentially.

You can read more about this in the Mikrotik forum

Also in the preliminary manual article

Have fun trying out docker on RouterOS!

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Printed on: June 13, 2024 at 13:06 o'clock