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Permutation matrix multiplication in Python

I'm a beginner in Python and i think i cannot seem to understand it well, so wanted to understand the concept of Permutation matrices. A and B are square and contain only a single 1 in each row. All of the rows are unique. I've added my first attempt as an answer.

def permmult(a, b):
    """Multiply two permutation matrices.  

     a,b: lists of positive integers and zero."""  
    c = 
    for row in a:
    return c

I hope someone has a faster solution to this. Thanks in advance!

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Printed on: December 9, 2023 at 08:12 o'clock

Member: max
Solution max Jul 26, 2022 updated at 21:29:04 (UTC)
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I think you should have a look at itertools:

import itertools