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Windows 11 Download Alternative to save an ISO or create a USB stick

For all who are looking for an alternative download possibility for Windows 11 (Release Build 22000.194) there is the Universal MediaCreationTool Script. The MediaCreationTool.bat is a script that allows an easy selection of Windows versions (including Windows 11 Download and USB-Stick Creator).

Simply download the script (unzip it if necessary) and start it in Windows Powershell (Administrator).

A selection of Windows versions appears. Once you have selected a version, the original Microsoft MediaCreationTool starts and you can then create a USB stick or save the selected ISO.

Note on Windows 11 selection

Even if the MediaCreationTool shows "Windows 10 is being downloaded", Windows 11 will eventually be loaded and installed. When booting the USB stick (depending on the selection), "Windows 10 is being installed" appears at the beginning. But in reality Windows 11 is installed.

TPM and Secureboot check

As the author AveYo himself writes, he has also integrated a standalone Toogle script, which skips the TPM check during media boot as well as dynamic update. This allows Windows 11 to be installed on non-compatible hardware.

To use the "Skip_TPM_Check.." (v1 or v2), the respective version must be called once. This adapts the "MediaCreationTool.bat" file. If one calls the respective Skip_TPM_Check script again, the adjustments are removed again from the "MediaCreationTool.bat". With this you can switch it on or off. Default is off.

If you want to disable the TPM etc. check for old PCs, it is important that you call the Skip_TPM_Check.. script once before starting the "MediaCreationTool.bat".


The script has different pre-installed options. For this you just have to rename the script:

  • "21H2 MediaCreationTool.bat" - MCT dialog will be skipped (21H2 as example)
  • "auto MediaCreationTool.bat" - Auto-Upgrade-Setup directly and without command prompt
  • "iso 11 MediaCreationTool.bat" - Windows 11 ISO is created directly
  • "enterprise iso 2009 MediaCreationTool.bat" - Automatically detected MediaEdition
  • "de-DE home 20H2 iso MediaCreationTool.bat" - Automatically detected language (here "de")
  • "no_update auto MediaCreationTool.bat" - Disable dynamic online update on upgrade
  • "no_undo auto 21H2 MediaCreationTool.bat" - prevent Windows.old (undo) and save disk space
  • etc.

At the beginning of the script, the individual configurations are explained in detail in the comments.


The script is permanently updated. You can find it here:

You can also download it here as a ZIP (incl. Skip_TPM_Check scripts).


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Printed on: March 20, 2023 at 16:03 o'clock

Member: Lochkartenstanzer
Lochkartenstanzer Oct 12, 2021 updated at 15:00:21 (UTC)
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Or just download it with the Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool from face-smile

Member: max
max Oct 24, 2021 at 21:41:05 (UTC)
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Quote from @Lochkartenstanzer:

Or just download it with the Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool from face-smile


Can you also bypass the TPM and Secureboot with these ISOs? I think not.

With the MediaCreationTool script you can create ISOs that do not ask for a TPM or Secureboot etc. during installation. Updates work afterwards however without problems. So far I did not get any hint on my incompatible Windows 11 hardware.

greeting max