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Deutsches ASP Forum - AspGerman
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkVB for Applications

Willkommen auf dem deutschen ASP Forum. Diese Website hat zum Ziel, über aktive Internetprogrammierung auf IIS mit ASP zu informieren.

VB - Der tägliche Artikel zu ASP
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkVB for Applications

Jeden Tag ein neuer Artikel über ASP und interessante Internetthemen.

Java - The Source for Java(TM) Technology
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkJava

Sun Microsystems' Java Technology Home Page - Visit this site to get the latest Java technologies, news, and products.

Perl - The Perl Mongers
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkPerl

Although Perl was born in 1987, only recently has there been an interest in documenting the history and culture of Perl. Here we present ...

Perl Mongers: A Perl Glossary
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkPerl1 Kommentar

A Perl Glossary

Microsoft Visual InterDev Home Page
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkEntwicklung1 Kommentar

Homepage for Microsoft Visual InterDev with product information, technical information, samples and downloads, developer community information and product news and reviews

FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkEntwicklung

Pike is a dynamic programming language with a syntax similar to C. It is simple to learn, does not require long compilation passes and ...

JavaScript - Your home for JavaScript and Dynamic HTML on the Web.
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkJavaScript1 Kommentar

WebCoder is one word, and one site. A site with the purpose of centralizing all knowledge of JavaScript and Dynamic HTML (and even a ...

Website Abstraction General JavaScript Tutorials
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkJavaScript

The ultimate source for JavaScript learners, period.

VB The VB Specific Portal and Search Engine presented by
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkVB for Applications

Free online directory and web guide featuring thousands of programming resources for Visual Basic developers. Browse thousands of categorized web resources for Visual Basic ...

PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkPHP1 Kommentar

Die Scriptsprache für das Internet :-)

Zend / Where PHP meets eBusiness
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkPHP

A one-stop site for PHP-related information and support services. Free downloads, top-rated code snippets and applications, forums, tutorials, tips, articles, news, case studies, and ...

The PHP Resource Index
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkPHP

Hundreds of pre-made programs of all sorts ready for use on your web site! Although not complete scripts, these code pieces aid in development ...

OSDN: Open Source Development Network
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkEntwicklung

The Open Source Development Network OSDN brings many of the Open Source community's favorite gathering places together and makes it easier to move between ...

PHP: php and mysql examples and resources from
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkPHP

PHP and MySQL: is dedicated to bring you the latest web development resources, focusing on open source solutions and PHP and MySQL.

FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkPHP1 Kommentar

Interessante PHP Scripte

PHP Club
TronturVor 20 JahrenLinkPHP1 Kommentar

Welcome to the PHP Club! The Club has opened recently along with many other sites for PHP support. We plan to discuss language structure, ...

Project Cool
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkWebentwicklung

DevX's Project Cool is a collection of resources designed to give knowledge, guidance, and inspiration to Web designers and developers.

FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkHTML

No matter if you're a site builder or just someone surfin' for something cool, you've reached the right place. On this page you'll be ...

Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) code library!
FrankVor 20 JahrenLinkHTML

Click here for, a comprehensive DHTML site featuring DHTML scripts, tutorials, and more.

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