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Developer diary: New international version

Hello User,

with today's release we are an international site. face-smile

We abandoned the previous concept of two domains and put both languages on one domain. The first try with .de|.pro domain didn't work unfortunately, because you had to switch back and forth all the time to read or reply to the content. The double login was also not optimal. Additionally Google never included the .pro domain in its index and always considered it as a duplicate of the .de domain (despite different language).

So from now on you will find both languages (english and german) under the page. We have added a language setting (pulldown) at the top of the main menu (de|en).

By default the browser language will be detected and the page will be displayed in the detected language.

In addition, we give our users the possibility to select the interface language as well as the data language. I.e. you can choose e.g. German as your interface language, but display the data in multiple languages. So German and English posts at the same time. When adding a comment in a different language than the post itself, a hint to the respective language is now displayed.

For all overviews, a hint about the respective language is displayed if it does not match the current language setting.

All German posts follow the timezone "Berlin", as soon as you switch to English, the UTC time is displayed. This is the next ToDo for us, to integrate the respective time zones of the countries into our system.

I hope this "international" approach works better than the previous one.

Other changes:

  • We have changed the font 'Administrator' at the top of the main menu to match the respective system font of the operating system. This usually looks better and is displayed more clearly than our 20+ year old custom font.
  • The main menu can now handle small screen resolutions better.
  • The stream has had some design tweaks (type, comments, language).
  • The member dashboard is now much faster

As always you can find all changes in our Release notes.

I hope you like the changes and look forward to your feedback or a 'Like' (click on the heart) face-smile

Best regards

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Printed on: April 23, 2024 at 11:04 o'clock