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How to list installed security appliances?

I do look for a tool that identifies all installed security appliances (antivirus, firewall, thread-protection, application proxy e.g. ZScaler Client) on a Windows Client computer. This may help me to identify security software that blocks my legal software running in a customer environment.

Can somebody advise a tool that compares e.g. the running processes with a catalog of security appliances?


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Member: em-pie
em-pie Dec 15, 2022 updated at 14:21:16 (UTC)
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Hi @expone,

Unfortunately, I can't tell you a tool that will give you a list of installed security software.

But you can use MS Powershell, to list installed software, so you can check each entry:
Member: Crusher79
Crusher79 Dec 15, 2022 at 14:33:55 (UTC)
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well that's included into software for IT-companies.

https://www.gfisoftware.de/products-and-solutions/network-security-solut ...

Well used gfi years ago. I can remember that it will display third party tools like McAfee or Trendmicro as well.

If you only take care of one company it's maybe possible to split the task. WSUS for Windows Systems, antivirus mangement console of your product to control policies and software updates.

Well I think Eset's av solution monitors windows updates as well. So if a native solution like GFI is to expensive, you may use AntiVirus or Endpoint-Security Systems to complete the task.

greetz Crusher
Member: Frank
Frank Dec 15, 2022 at 14:38:37 (UTC)
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to get an exact overview of all tools (also security and hidden tools) and started programs far away from the "normal" task manager I use the program Security Task Manager for Windows.

It helped me to understand the system better and to optimize it. Maybe this will help you.

Member: Crusher79
Crusher79 Dec 15, 2022 updated at 15:09:28 (UTC)
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Zitat von @em-pie:

But you can use MS Powershell, to list installed software, so you can check each entry:

PowerShell is a good choice. Well what about https://chocolatey.org ? Based on PowerShell scripts. It is possible to build own installation scripts and make use of own repro.

Currently we are using chocolatey ce and Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager. Works like charme.

It is possible to set dependencies or to force use of fixed version.