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Update: Elon Musk does not want to be on Twitters board of directors - he wants to buy the whole store

First there were polls by Elon Musk on Twitter about the freedom of information and the future of the company. Followed by thoughts about a new News service and finally Musk becomes the largest shareholder of Twitter with a stake of 9.2 percent. That would currently be about $2.89 billion.

He has over 80 million followers and tweets daily about his important things in life. Then it looked like he was going to move from passive to active and move onto Twitter's board of directors. By his own account, he has good ideas to improve Twitter significantly. Among them, the often requested feature of editing tweets after the fact (according to the group, this feature is already in a test phase). The appointment for the Board of Directors would have been on April 9, 2022, but on the same morning Musk told the Council not to join after all.

Somehow, the question of the reason and why suggests itself? He himself says: "I believe this is for the best". Maybe it would have been a new chance for Twitter to move a little bit because of the pressure from Musk - maybe something more will happen in the future despite the cancellation. I'm curious. The feature to edit tweets has been requested for years - now it is supposedly in the test phase.

Personally, I still think that Twitter, launched as a "personal microblog", is not a good substitute for a worldwide social news service. The fact that the news lacks a title, that the limit for a detailed post is a ridiculous 300 (or more?) characters, and that after so many years you still can't edit tweets (not even spelling mistakes), actually disqualifies it. Users seem to see it differently. It's easy to use and it works all over the world (of course, there are exceptions). The concept of quickly adding pictures, videos and short messages makes it unique and users now use Twitter as a news service, even though it was never designed for that.

What is your opinion about Twitter?

Update 04/13/2022: Elon Musk now wants to take over Twitter completely for 41 billion and take it off the stock exchange. Here is the SEC document on this.

Update 04/25/2022: Update: Elon Musk acquires Twitter - not

What a development face-surprise

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Member: Frank
Frank Apr 14, 2022 at 13:56:03 (UTC)
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Significant update:

Elon Musk wants to acquire Twitter for 41 billion.
I'm curious to see how it turns out. Basically it doesn't sound bad.

Member: firefly
firefly May 16, 2022 at 14:42:40 (UTC)
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