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Wireguard VPN on UDM Pro behind Fritzbox - Handshake did not complete

Hello everyone

I have the following problem:

I have set up the Wireguard server on my UDM Pro, on the client conf i changed the endpoint to the ddns name who is configured on the fritzboxbut I get on the client "handshake did not complete".

My Setup:

ISP -> FritzBox 7590 -> UDM Pro (double nat)


On the fritzbox wireguard port forwarding to udm pro (

Udm pro:

Firewall subnet

Firewall rules on udm pro Internet in/out/local on any:any

Did anyone have an Idee what else is to do that i got an Connection with my VPN client?

Content-Key: 71575413347

Url: https://administrator.de/contentid/71575413347

Printed on: May 20, 2024 at 12:05 o'clock

Member: radiogugu
radiogugu Apr 18, 2024 at 20:23:53 (UTC)
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This does not add up:

On the fritzbox wireguard port forwarding to udm pro (

Udm pro:

Which IP is configured on the UDM Pro interface responsible of Wireguard?

Please make a drawing of your network.

Please post the Wireguard config with relevant bits anonymized.

Member: jstricker
jstricker Apr 19, 2024 at 05:32:42 (UTC)
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Thats my configs:
Member: aqui
aqui Apr 19, 2024 updated at 08:52:40 (UTC)
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Udm pro:, Firewall subnet
This statement is totally confusing. face-sad
The Fritzbox-firewall coupling port is the UDM WAN interface which is, regarding to your description,
So does this mean you have 2 local LAN networks on your UDM or is one just the internal Wireguard adressing?
Helpful for a focused troubleshooting here would be both, the WG server and client config file!

All further details and ToDos you'll find in the local Wireguard Tutorial!